1440p 165hz laptop display

1440p 165hz laptop display panels

2020 gaming devices

The year 2020 was wonderful for gamers since we enjoyed a wide variety of gaming laptops and desktops.  Many of the gaming devices came out right and it is only a few that stood out such as those based on AMD CPUs. Among them was 1440p 165Hz  laptop display panel. Even the small form factor pc were impressive.

1440p 165hz laptop display panels
1440p 165hz laptop display QHD

However, some experts think that most gaming devices are refreshers of older ones which were fine, to begin with. We hope that next year we shall see far developments in the gaming laptop space.

What experts think

Experts think that next year there will be more laptops that will be based on AMD CPUs. Many of them used high-end graphics card that will be both high-profile and ultra-premium.

What is more thrilling is that there’s a possibility of more gaming devices made with 1440p 165 Hz laptop display. This will be a very high resolution and a very high refresh rate gaming laptop.

1440p 165hz laptop display panels

MAX-17 Ultra Light Magnesium Alloy 17.3″ QHD 165Hz Gaming Laptop

The electronic company that made this type of display, made by BOE  electronics, is the first one in the market and most likely we are going to beat the rest of the competitors in the market.

What is interesting about these displays is that they are not expensive. The proud manufacturers of this kind of discipline the BOE technology group Ltd.

Now that is powerful GPUs used in the market such as other TX20 series  and other TX30 series  in the market it would be the only way to have a high resolution in this place as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of the 1440p

There are many advantages and  disadvantages that are associated with a high-resolution screen. The gamers should be be aware of those pros and cons.

On the advantages side; 1 the display is very intriguing and images early displayed sharply. It will be possible to see details that were not present when using 1080 p dissolution panels.


Some disadvantages are realized only when one uses a high-resolution display in their laptops or their desktops. One of the disadvantages is the GPU is required to work very hard, harder than it would when using a 1080p OLED display panel.

The GPU is taxed harder than before.  This is so since the GPU has to pump more pixels on your screen. It is estimated that for the 1440p 165 Hz display GPU will be required to work about 30 or 20 times harder. However which type of game and the graphics settings will also play a very big role.

GPU requirements

The majority of the GPUs in the market today can handle triple-A game titles at this resolution setting. Any this year many of the games that were produced could be handled easily by RTX 20 series using 1080p screen panels when set at 200 frames per second.

Experts have also noted that there is a scaling problem when one is downgrading from 1440p to 1080p. The images become very blurry and one can easily notice that they are razor sharp and this is disappointing.

Battery life

It goes without saying that the battery life of your laptop will be affected since every component will be taxed very much. When one is using this side of the screen panel you need a very powerful GPU. If not so you’ll be forced to use a 1080p setting in which the image is not as appearing as it would be when using 1440p.