5 Best Android Phones Under 100 UK


Perhaps you desperately need an extra android smartphone to conveniently supplement your iPhone. Or your simply daily needs require you to have two smartphones with you. Well, here is a list of the best android phone under£ 100 ranked from those with exceptional features to those with mediocre features. Of course, we will ignore the brand and just look at the features. But first, let’s take a look at some genuine reasons why you might need an extra and the 5 best android phones  under 100 in the UK.

Reasons for an extra smartphone

Some workplace demands you make good use of your phone from time to time. For instance, you might be required to take a photograph, record a video, or simply send or read an email. Due to security reasons, you might need to clean format your entire drive. So, if you are using your personal phone, you will lose all the important stuff you have tirelessly saved.  However, with an extra android smartphone, this would not be a problem. Recent studies show that personal smartphones are an excellent distraction in the workplace which reduces productivity and even so the overall output of an individual.


Roaming is a technical term in mobile device services. If a device has the roaming capability, the owner can conveniently receive or make voice calls when he or she is outside the geographical coverage of the service provider`s network. Additionally, the user can automatically and handily receive and send data.  The service provider uses a visited network to do so.

It is not every android smartphone that comes equipped with roaming service capability.  Your best complimentary android phone could carter for international service. If you have a second device with excellent roaming capability could ensure you are connected to colleagues and loved ones always.

A second smartphone device is proved to be a life-saver for so many people. After a short time, it becomes second nature to easily switch from home to work and vice versa with a single device change. There is satisfactory empowerment that you will personally experience due to the liberty to choose between one smart device to another.


It is a serious nightmare for some honest individuals when the idea of owning two smartphones cross their sturdy minds. However, before you completely dismiss the idea, give it thorough thought. Most of what people do can pass from your device to another in one or more than one form. So, one should be able to efficaciously separate the work and personal experience less you receive an email that shutters your mood. With two smartphones, you can keep the work at the workplace and give you a sense of control over what you can do with your time.

Here you can choose one of the following best android phones under £ 100 UK.

The 5 best android phones under  100 UK.

OPPO A5 cost slightly less than £ 100

The phone is one of the best in the market. The high-resolution camera gives the user an extraordinary photography capability. The phone is capable of reverse charging with a high battery capacity-5000mAh. The type of display used for this phone is IPS LCD and not OLED type

5 Best Android Phones Under 100 UK
OPPO A5 phone

There is a massive storage capacity featured in the device-64 Gb internal storage. The high-speed processor is Qualcomm snapdragon 65.

What is most appealing about OPPO A5

  1. High battery capacity 5000 mAh
  2. Fingerprint sensor
  3. High-resolution camera for high-quality video and photographs
  4. The phone has 3 card slots in a sim card tray to simultaneously use your valuable two for sim cards and one for microSD.

The rest of the features are captured in the table below.

features description
connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
RAM 3gb
storage 64 Gb
flash LED
Battery 5000 mAh
camera Front 8mp
Rare 12 MP
weight 165 g
GPU Adreno 610
Processor Snapdragon 665
Dimensions 163 x 75 x 9mm
FPS 30
Sim Card Dual Nano
Expandable storage yes

It  costs less than £ 90 in Amazon UK.

CUBOT X19S is another extra-ordinary android smartphone. it is a 5.93″ screen where the cell display is almost 90%.

5 Best Android Phones Under 100 UK

While the front camera leaves very little to be desired (2MP), the rare camera is magnificent with 16MP.

What is most appealing about OPPO A5

  1. 16 MP rare camera
  2. 4 Gb ram and 64 Gb ROM
  3. High display resolution 2160 x 1080 pixels
  4. Full HD display

Here is the table of the recent of the features;

FEATURES Description
CPU MediaTek Helio P23 (MT6763T)
Cores: Octa-core
GPU ARM Mali-G71 MP2,
770 MHz,
Cores: 2
USB C yes
Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo
Size 5.93″
Dimensions 163 x 75 x 9mm
Sim cards Dual nano
connectivity 4G LTE
RAM 4 gb
storage 64 Gb
flash dual-LED
Battery 4000 mAh
camera Front 2 MP
Rare 16 MP
Resolution 1080 x 2160 pixels
Sensors Proximity
Blackview  BV5500 Plus  smartphone

Blackview BV5500 costs slightly less than £ 100 in Amazon UK.

It is a rugged phone. This is the best outdoor phone you can have.  In addition to being affordable, it is designed to be used in a rugged and rough conditions.

5 Best Android Phones Under 100 UK
BlackView BV500 PLUS

It is useful for those who spend a lot of time in the field or those who plan on going for hikes, cycling, swimming, and many activities that are deemed not good for a normal smartphone.

The most outstanding BlackView BV5500 Plus features are

  1. It is waterproof
  2. High battery capacity 4400 mAh
  3. USB type C
  4. Supports a multitude of expandable storage formats.

Additional features for BlackView BV500 Plus phone are in the table below.

Feature Description
CPU Quad-core Cortex-A53
1.5 GHz
Cores: 4
GPU: PowerVR GE8100
Size 5.5″
Operating System: Android 10
Dimensions 152.2 x 75.5 x 14.0 mm
FPS 30
Sim cards dual Nano
connectivity Bluetooth 4.2
RAM 3 Gb
storage 32 Gb
flash dual LED
Battery 4000 mAh
camera front 5 MP
Dual rare 8 MP
weight 220 g
Resolution 720 x 1440 pixels
Sensors Proximity

CUBOT NOTE  7 costs slightly less than £ 60.

This phone has many features that you might find suitable for day-to-day use. Other than its affordability, the phone has an easily removable battery.  This means you can carry more than one battery if you are going in places with no electricity.

5 Best Android Phones Under 100 UK
CUBOT note 7

Additionally, the valuable three slots in the sim card trays ensure you use your two Nano sims and microSD at the same time. As far as best android phone under 100 UK, this phone suitably falls in this category.

The most appealing features in the CUBOT NOTE 7

  1. Removable battery
  2. The phone has 3 card slots in sim card tray to simultaneously use your valuable two for sim cards and one for microSD.
  3. Small screen size hence easy to carry
  4. Expandable memory up to 128 Gb

Here is the table of the recent of the features

Features Description
CPU Quad-Core
1.3 GHz
Cores: 4
4 x cortex
GPU ARM Mali-T720 MP2 550MHz
Size 5.5″
Operating System Android 10
Dimensions 163 x 135 x 11mm
Sim cards Dual Nano
connectivity Bluetooth 4.2
RAM 2 Gb
Storage 16 Gb
flash LED
Battery 3100 mAh
camera front 13 MP
rare 13 MP
weight 144 g
Resolution 480 x 960 Pixel
Sensors Proximity
Our final thoughts
5 Best android phones under  100

Among the mentioned smartphones above, OPPO A5 carries the day when it comes to features. It is an excellent camera and high battery capacity is exceptionally useful if you will be using your phone for heavy-duty activities such as playing games or recording video.

Budget phone in the 5  Best android phones under 100 UK

CUBOT NOTE 7 is a surprisingly affordable smartphone under £ 100. It has desirable features for use as a second smart device for either home or work use. Storage can be expanded up to 128 Gb for carrying massive files such as video or games. Its removable battery is good for places where there is no accessibility to power.