best ddr4 ram for intel i9 9900k

best ddr4 ram for intel i9 9900k

A CPU that runs without good RAM can be incredibly frustrating. It’s no secret that no one likes to use a slow computer. Your computer also can’t function without RAM, so you can’t do without it. And this is why we are exploring the best ddr4 ram for intel i9 9900k.

RAMs are not all compatible with every kind of CPU. Therefore, you must purchase the correct RAM according to the type of CPU you have. But how do you decide which memory to purchase? You have so many choices!

What is RAM, and why is it so important? Why is it so crucial that your computer won’t work without a compatible one? Your questions are many, and I understand that. Or perhaps you’re still learning about technology and aren’t a tech nerd. That’s no problem – let me assist you. As for those who know the basics and are ready for the good stuff, well, keep reading to find out more about the best RAM to use with the i9 9900K.

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Why Buy Ram in The First Place?

System performance is improved with good RAM. It entirely depends on the purpose of your system whether you need one and how much you need. You might use the program for gaming, video editing, or photo editing.

One of the best processors on the market is definitely the i9 9900k. You will be unfairly treated if you possess it, but you are unable to utilize it to the fullest extent. If you want this to happen, purchase ram that will allow your games and other treasured programs to run without a hitch, particularly on speed. In most cases, 16Gb is sufficient for gaming alone. Read more on Best Budget DDR4 Memory Kits for PC Gaming

best ddr4 ram for intel i9 9900k

Crucial Ballistix 3200MHz DDR4 16GB Kit~Best Budget RAM for i9 9900K is .

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Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz DDR4

In this case, there’s something special for you if you can barely afford the RAM modules. You’re reading that right: this Crucial Ballistix 3200MHz DDR4 RAM module costs only $88 and outperforms 80% of high-end RAM (16 GB Kit). I found my experience with the RAM to be extremely enjoyable. The performance of my computer significantly improved after installing it. In addition, this RAM has RGB effects and comes in a SODIMM form factor if it will be used in a laptop. This is also the best memory you can buy for a laptop.

In addition, the RAM may be overclocked using the XMP 2.0 profile. With the change of a BIOS setting, you can now easily raise the frequency of the 3200 MHz core to a high value. In conclusion, if you live in a tropical climate, I strongly recommend this RAM, since its powerful heatsink enables it to run at greater temperatures.


3200 MHz is the frequency.
CL16 CAS Latency
DDR4 is a kind of memory.
16 GB in size


A unique RGB effect
An acceptable warranty period

It may not function properly if it is not paired.

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Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-4000 MHz CL18 Desktop Memory

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Best RAM for Ryzen Reviews

Capacity ~ CORSAIR Vengeance 16 GB (2 x 8 GB)
Speed ~ DDR4-4000 MHz
Latency~  CL18 Desktop Memory is a high-speed,
Type ~ dual-channel memory

Extremely high performance PCs require this. You can use this DDR4 memory with either Intel or AMD DDR4 motherboards, and it offers outstanding value. It high speed also makes very ideal DRR4 for music production.

Vengeance 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-4000 MHz CL18 Desktop Memory is extremely low-voltage at 1.35 volts, making it compatible with Intel’s low-voltage platform. With Vengeance 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-4000 MHz CL18 Desktop Memory’s carefully chosen array of high-quality DRAM ICs, this memory is guaranteed to perform flawlessly for many years to come.

In spite of the most rigorous thermal loads, the Vengeance 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-4000 MHz CL18 Desktop Memory operates at top performance levels. Moreover, the Intel XMP 2.0 technology makes for an easy and hassle-free installation with automatic tuning. Read more on   Best RAM for CAD Workstations

iCUE software

iCUE software from CORSAIR lets you create lighting profiles and synchronize them in a variety of ways with other iCUE-compatible products. In addition to creating your own light profiles, you can also customize the system to make it truly unique.

As far as performance is concerned, the Vengeance RGB Pro series is the best memory we have ever used. If you are looking for new memory modules, you should seriously consider buying this RAM.

Your system will be lit in stunning RGB
Also works with Intel Core i9-9900K CPU and Intel and AMD motherboards
Despite overclocking, aluminum heat spreaders offer superior cooling


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TEAMGROUP T-FORCE Vulcan Z DDR4 16GB~Best Value RAM for i9 9900K

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BEST Ram For i5-12600k


Since T-FORCE Vulcan Z DDR4 RAM has been available for so long, the brand has gained the trust of many people. Likewise, I have become a loyal fan. The TEAMGROUP T-FORCE Vulcan DDR4 is a fantastic RAM module that offers low CAS latencies (great for high-end gamer) and a frequency of 3200 MHz, which is plentiful for all types of applications.

Aside from that, the RAM is available in three colors: gray, red and yellow camouflage. The color you choose is all up to you; it’s an aesthetic decision. In addition, I would rate the RAM at 9 out of 10 because the loading times were faster and the FPS count increased. Furthermore, a dual-channel RAM system is recommended, so get a pair of RAM modules. Thus, you will not experience any lags or decreased performance.


Frequency       ~ 3200 MHz
CAS Latency ~CL16
Type ~ DDR4
Size ~ 16GB

The product is available in several colors
Profiling of XMP 2.0 allows overclocking

If aesthetics are important to you, then no RGB

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HyperX Fury 16GB 3200MHz Desktop Memory

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Kingston Technology HyperX Fury 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) 1866MHz

Game and other programs require more memory to be able to perform well? The Fury product runs at speeds greater than 3200MHz. Its Plug N Play feature lets it automatically overclock at speeds of 2400MHz and 2666MHz, making it a great choice for gamers.

Due to its stylish heat spreader, this board is both Intel XMP and AMD compatible. This gives you the advantage of running multiple programs on a low-profile system. With a DDR4 upgrade, you can boost your PC’s performance while saving money.

Getting your system up and running again is the perfect solution if it lacks the speed you need. The voltage won’t need to be raised beyond the enthusiast-class 1.35V.

With Hyper Fury, you can integrate your AMD-based system seamlessly. For your Intel system, i9-9900k ram will be supported within a reliable manner as well.


Excellent for overclocking
The design and finishing are tastefully done


  • May run into issues when running at speeds over 3200MHz

Patriot Signature Premium DDR4 8GB

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Patriot Signature Premium DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 2666MHz

You might have found the cheapest RAM for the i9 9900K CPU in Patriot Signature Premium DDR4 8GB! Its power isn’t based simply on the price. You can use this option if you don’t want to use your PC for gaming. The CPU’s performance is boosted at an extremely affordable price, and the installation is not hard. Patriot signature is considered also one of the best RAM for AMD Ryzen 5 5600x CPUs.

Having a base clock speed of 2666 MHz leaves little room for overclocking. It is compatible with most motherboards that have a lower clock speed and are compatible with the i9 9900K. Additionally, installing it does not require any BIOS changes.

The i9 9900K processor requires that you take a lot of factors into account when choosing RAM. However, if you’re on a budget, you can get Patriot Signature Premium DDR 8GB without sacrificing many of the features of other RAM modules.

Timetec Hynix IC~Faster RAM for i9-9900k

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Timetec Hynix IC 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz

Type: DDR4 | Capacity: 32GB (2x16GB) | Speed: 2666MHz
Stylish black PCB
Agile and responsive
Self-integrates after being plugged-in
— Not great at cooling

There are two modules and four channels in this RAM, so you get 32 GB of memory. We test the circuits in the factory to ensure the best performance possible. In addition to its decent speed of 2666 MHz, it also has a low latency of CL19. A DDR4 module of this generation performs better in every way while consuming even less power.

How to Choose the Best RAM for i9 9900K (Buying Guide)

To start with, let’s go over the basics. You are probably already aware that RAM is a type of random-access memory found in computers. So what is RAM used for?


Your CPUs need RAM to be as efficient as possible. A slow computer won’t be able to run multiple programs at the same time without crashing, and you won’t be able to use all of the features of the computer at once without slowing it down. Therefore, RAM should be of high quality.

It depends on what you use your computer for, and in the end, it depends on your needs. However, if you only use your computer to do a desk job, you could use a lower quality RAM with 4-8GBs of storage.


CPU compatibility is crucial when you purchase RAM. With technology advancing faster than ever, we are now seeing more and more CPU models on the market. The result is that older models of RAM will not work with these newer models.

In addition to this, RAMs might also be incompatible with CPUs for a variety of other reasons. A RAM’s brand might not match the CPU’s brand, or its speed may be too fast, or its size and shape may not fit the RAM slot.

If your RAM is incompatible with your CPU, don’t use it as it could physically or electronically damage your motherboard!

What RAM is good for the i9 9900K?

Any PC with a fast enough processor can benefit from this 16GB module kit from Corsair. The Intel Core i9-9900K processor can ramp up in performance to 3,000MHz, which would translate to severe performance gains. Additionally, it is reasonably priced.

Is 3200MHz RAM good for i9 9900K?

Can I build an I9-9900K system using 3200 MHz C16 DDR4 RAM?  You can. In order to run RAM at those speeds, you’ll need a Z370 or Z390 motherboard, but 3200MHz CL16 is a reasonable compromise between performance and price.

Does 9900K need fast RAM?

Increasing CPU performance through faster RAM is generally more cost-effective than increasing CPU frequency. As long as your motherboard supports faster RAM, your i9 will perform better since data is waiting less time. Unless your motherboard is capable of taking advantage of faster RAM (it will simply run slower), then you will not benefit from it.

What is the best RAM for i9 10900K?

Okay, now we can finally check out the best RAM for the Core i9-10900K.

HyperX Predator.

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Patriot Viper Steel Series

Patriot Viper Steel Series:

final thoughts on best ddr4 ram for intel i9 9900k

We have come to the end of our discussion. My aim was to provide an objective review of the products while providing my own personal experience with the goods. For gamers, I really like the RAM module specs because of their outstanding performance, particularly the reduced CAS latency of many modules, since this number determines how quickly your RAM will move data. Listed below are three items that are flexible, affordable, and fun to play.

It’s important to select a RAM module that is as versatile as you can. Let’s start with the Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB. You’ll get everything you need with this.

It’s just under $90 for the Crucial Ballistix 3200MHz DDR4 16GB Kit, which would be a good option if you have no set budget. Are there any other points to mention?

What is your third recommendation? Do you play games? Are you passionate about anything in particular? If you fit this description, Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB is the RAM for you, since it offers aesthetics as well as overclocking capabilities.

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