best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

Let’s find out what RAM is best for Ryzen 3700X in this article. Our five top picks will give you a better idea of which Ryzen 3700x is best for your budget and tier. It depends on the Ryzen processor you chose to pair it with which DDR4 RAM is best for Ryzen 3700x.  The best performance on your b450 motherboard will come from getting the fastest dual-channel RAM that you can get.

This article may confuse you if you don’t understand the jargon or even if you’re not sure why Ryzen 3700x deserves its article. Hopefully, we can guide you through the RAM buying process.  We will help you select a kit that meets your needs. We have all the top RAM recommendations for the Ryzen 3700x here if you’ve got your hands on one.

Table of Contents

b450 motherboard~best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

View a B450 motherboard on Amazon and buy

Due to its attractive value proposition and excellent CPU compatibility, the AMD B450 chipset will remain one of the most popular chipsets in 2022. AMD has even decided to support the new Ryzen 3700x series.  A guide has been created specifically for the B450 platform since the community requested a guide for Zen 3 CPUs. Thus, B450 is the only AMD platform that is compatible with all four Ryzen processor generations available as of the time of this writing. A chipset these days gets CPU support for fewer than two generations, which is staggering in today’s PC gaming market. B450 motherboards have a great deal of support for this wonderful chipset.


The B450 is not the only model to offer exceptional CPU compatibility. When compared with newer options such as B550 and X570, this chipset’s motherboards are fairly affordable, so they offer excellent value. Aside from that, the B450 chipset is also overclockable, so you don’t lose much if you choose the B450 over the X570. Despite its many benefits, however, the B450 doesn’t support PCIe Gen 4, but such is the cost of doing business, one cannot expect to have everything. The low costs, high compatibility, and diverse features of B450 motherboards still make them attractive in 2022.

Best DDR4 RAM for Ryzen 3700X


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Technical Specifications for the AMD Ryzen 3700x~ best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

A powerful eight-core AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor, the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz Eight-Core AMD AM4 Processor features a 3.6 GHz clock speed.  16 threads are built into this processor, designed to be used with AM4 motherboards. The new 7nm Ryzen processor features Zen 2 architecture, resulting in higher performance than the previous generation. The CPU runs at 3.6 GHz at a base clock speed, reaching 4.4 GHz at a boost clock speed. This card is also equipped with 32MB of L3 cache, and 24 PCIe Gen 4 lanes. There is also dual-channel DDR4 3200 MHz RAM support.

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To take advantage of PCIe 4.0, a board from AMD’s X500 series is required. There is a Wraith Prism cooler with RGB LED lighting included with this processor, which has a 65W TDP. A dedicated graphics card is required as it lacks an integrated GPU.

Game cache for AMD

To improve frame rates in top games, AMD GameCache reduces memory latency.

Precision Boost 2

Temperature and energy consumption are monitored by AMD Ryzen processors. The processor can increase speed in precise increments of 25 MHz for any application as long as it is running cool and quiet.

One-Click Overclocking

Your motherboard can be boosted by Precision Boost Overdrive.  Just click on the button and you’re overclocking.

AMD StoreMI Technology

With AMD StoreMI technology, you can create a hybrid drive that combines SSD and HDD storage.  Files and programs that are frequently accessed are located on the SSD, while other data is stored on the HDD.

AMD SenseMI Technology

In AMD’s SenseMI technology, the processor can learn and adapt to your preferences and your applications to improve performance.  The technology is based on “machine intelligence.”.

AMD Ryzen Master Utility

Performance that is tailored to you

Up to four custom profiles can be stored using AMD Ryzen Master for CPU, GPU, and DDR4 memory configurations. As well as optimizing general performance, you can fine-tune your favorite applications and set the number of active cores and memory timings.

System Monitoring

Ryzen Master allows you to monitor the clock rates and temperatures of your processor in real-time. Averages and peaks are included.

Best Ram For Ryzen  3700x Detailed

The specifications of Ryzen 3700x have been summarized so far. As a next step, let us explore which RAM is best for the Ryzen  3700x. Several RAMs were tested rigorously to determine this. From these RAMs, we selected the very best. Below are five of the best RAM modules for your Ryzen  3700x. Surprisingly, some models such as the G.Skills are considered very suitable for RAM Ryzen 5600g.

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G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series~ Best Ram For Ryzen  3700x~best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

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The memory Type is DDR4

Capacity is 16GB (8GB x2)

The frequency is 3200 MHz

Latency is CL16

RGB Lighting is Yes

The color is Silver/Gold


When it comes to finding high-quality computer components, G.Skill is one of the most trusted companies. And the same holds true for memory as well. RAM manufacturer G.Skill has been on the market for many years. Their RAM sticks are innovative. As a result, users are likely to select them first if they see these RAMs.


The G.Skill Trident Z Royal offers good performance as well as an appealing visual appearance. Performance-wise, this RAM is comparable only to a few RAMs. The article is currently one of G.Skill’s most popular ones. A DIMM-4 form factor is what differentiates the G.Skill Trident Z Royal from other DDR4 RAMs. The DIMM4 designation also means that the RAM can be used in motherboards with four 288-pin slots. In comparison to its competitors, it has a clock speed of 3200MHz. It is as beautiful as  G.Skill Z5 , one of the best DDR5 DIMM for gaming.

CAS latency

CL Latency of 16 goes hand in hand with this insane RAM speed, which greatly improves the RAM performance. By combining such impressive RAM speed with low latency, you reduce the processing delay. However, the timings for these RAMs are 16-18-18-38. Overclocking can sometimes make these timings more aggressive.

capacity and channel type

In this set of two RAMs, there are 16GB (2 x 8GB) total memory, providing sufficient memory for non-aggressive users.These RAMs only require 1.35V for power-up, demonstrating an excellent power efficiency.Intel XMP 2.0 assures Trident Z Royal’s overclocking compatibility while being Intel XMP 2.0-enabled.

With XMP 2.0, you can increase memory clock speed by several Hz. Additionally, the BIOS also empowers you to open two XMP profiles to improve performance.

The look of these RAMs is one of the main reasons for their popularity. Before even placing the Trident Z Royal Series in their games, G.Skill’s Trident Z Royal gives off a beautiful vibe. It stands out from the Best RAM for Ryzen 3700x due to RGB lighting and the crystalline design. G.Skill’s application can be used to control the RGB lights. Also, the RGB settings should be configurable through your motherboard’s application. This RAM gives off a Royalty vibe as the “Royal” part of the name suggests. You can choose from Silver and Gold as two of the royal colors.


Low CL latency and great speed

A design based on RGB crystals

It is enabled to overclock


There is a bit of an overpriced element to it.


A beautiful piece of technology, the Trident Z Royal from G.Skill performs quite well. You can choose this when you want to build your build with gold- or silver-colored DDR4 RAM. With great performance and aesthetics, they are indeed the best RGB RAM for Ryzen 3700X.

Corsair Dominator Platinum

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RAM type is  DDR4

The capacity of this drive is 16GB (eight gigabytes each)

It has a frequency of 3200 MHz

It has a latency of 16

There is RGB lighting

Black/White is the color


Speed and latency in perfect harmony

Almost all types of users can benefit from the great capacity

Runs on low voltage


Specifically designed applications are required to control RGB. The majority of users prefer to control RGB from one application.


The user market has been dominated by Corsair for a long time. The company’s products have been popular for a long time. The RAM series was also challenged by many other RAMs, but none of them succeeded. By contrast, Corsair’s Dominator series has been around since DDR2 RAMs were introduced and provide great performance at every iteration. Following the same legacy as the Dominator Platinum, Corsair brings the Platinum to the market.


Featuring a speed of 3200 MHz, Corsair Dominator Platinum is DDR4 RAM. We will discuss its compatibility with the Ryzen 3700x and its use of 3200MHz, which is the most common frequency.

CAS latency

Even though it had a great CL Latency and could beat Ryzen 3700x, the Corsair Dominator Platinum was pushed back. Corsair has kept the legacy of the Dominator Platinum with a CL16 Latency and 16-18-18-38 timings, and it keeps the legacy going forward. As a result, Corsair’s RAM is very difficult to beat. Every aspect of the RAM was optimized for maximum performance. Due to the inability of other vendors to fully optimize the RAM’s capabilities, this resulted in higher RAM prices.


The successor to the Dominator takes a TDP of 1.35V. Additionally, RAM can be overclocked. Corsair Dominator Platinum is popular with overclockers.  This device improves performance by multiple folds without overclocking, allowing it to provide great performance without overclocking. If you do not want to change every setting manually, you can also use the XMP 2.0 profiles that Intel has already implemented. People who are unfamiliar with overclocking will find these tools invaluable.

Corsair Dominator RAM modules need to be installed in a 288-pin DIMM slot. RAM modules have a capacity of 16GB each, so there are two 8GB RAM modules. All users would find it appealing, including gamers and productivity users, but RAM usage isn’t as high as it could be. AMD and Intel motherboards provide comparable performance to Corsair’s RAM.


It matters how RAM performs, but RAM’s appearance is another story. In addition to its performance, the Corsair Dominator Platinum looks great. Despite its opponents’ efforts, Dominator’s RAM stick could not shrink the performance gap. Small blocks with LEDs are arranged across the RAM as a form of beautification.


About 12 of the small LEDs can be customized. Get yourself busy creating profiles that work best with your PC by playing around with Corsair’s iCUE application. Black and white variants of the Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM have been released, making the RAM even more attractive.


With both beauty and performance, it is one of the most beautiful RAMs on the market. It is a high-end RAM because of its speed and CL 16 Latency. The performance and appearance of high-end RAM are also expensive.  Given its qualities, the Corsair Dominator Platinum is fully deserved its title of Best White RAM for Ryzen 5600x.

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G.Skill Trident Z Neo~Best Gaming RAM for Ryzen  3700x

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Memory Type: DDR4 | Capacity: 16GB (8GB x2) | Frequency: 3600 MHz | Latency: CL16 | RGB Lighting: Yes | Color: Black


The G.Skill Trident Z Neo is another product from G.Skill itself. There has been a lot of confusion around the G.Skill Trident Z Neo since it arrived on the market. Despite being released in 2019, it continues to be one of the most popular RAMs available. But why is it so popular? With its deep roots in the community, G.Skill has become an important part of many people’s lives. In reality, it is primarily purchased by members of the gaming community. Its specification makes it one of the best RAMs for Ryzen 3700x, as it helps them to achieve the best performance in games.

Speed and latency

G.Skill Trident Z Neo’s speed and latency are the most important factors contributing to its popularity. It is based on the Triton Z Neo processor family with speeds of 3600 MHz and CL16 latency with timings 16-19-19-39. Trident Z Neo keeps its performance at its peak with a combination of this phenomenal performance coupled with the ultra-low latency. With this latency, you may see many RAMs offering speeds of 3200MHz at most, but the Trident Z Neo breaks the mold since the memory is aimed at performance as opposed to speed. Using its DIMM design with 288 pins, the G.Skill Trident Z Neo offers even greater performance.


Two 8 GB modules are all that’s needed to make 16 GB of RAM with G.Skill’s Trident Z Neo.When you want to enjoy it to the fullest, you’ll need at least two RAM slots on your motherboard.A DDR4 RAM with exceptional performance gives them another edge.The majority of users purchase DDR4 RAM primarily because DDR5 RAM is not compatible with many processors.

XMP 2.0 is built into these RAM modules, so there are two overclocking XMP profiles to choose from. We offer an article on the Best DDR5 RAM, however, if you want to check out DDR5 RAMs.


There is one drawback to the G.Skill Trident Z Neo. Not all chipsets are supported by this RAM. AMD’s newest chipset, the X570, is the only one it supports. Intel’s newest versions are supported, including Z390, Z490, and Z590. In comparison with the speed it runs at, Trident Z Neo consumes 1.35 V, not too much power.

RGB lighting

With the RGB lights lining the sides of the RAM body, the Trident Z Neo RAM has a good design. Despite focusing on performance, G.Skill does not ignore aesthetics. A similar design was inspired by race car stripes for G.Skill’s RAM. The Trident Z Control Lightning Control panel allows you to customize the RGB lighting as well.


There is nothing comparable to the memory of the G.Skill Trident Z Neo. This RAM easily beats the memory of all other competitors. There’s also no problem overclocking it. Its average price and high performance make it a popular choice among gamers. As a result of its perks and perfect performance, we have included it in our top pick as the best gaming RAM for the AMD Ryzen 3700X processor.


It’s fantastic to have just CL16 running at 3600 MHz.

Low voltage is required for RAM.


The RAM RGB needs to be controlled by an additional app.

There are only a few compatible chipsets.

Corsair Vengeance LPX~ Best Budget RAM for Ryzen  3700x



Memory Type: DDR4 | Capacity: 16GB (8GB x2) | Frequency: 3200 MHz | Latency: CL16 | RGB Lighting: No | Color: Black/White/Red


Vengeance LPX was released by Corsair in June of 2015. As the RAM market expanded in 2015, it was an ideal addition to it. It is still one of the most popular choices for customers even though it has been over six years. Vengeance LPX offers the unique feature of being able to utilize the Vengeance Airflow cooling fan to keep the RAM cool even at 100%.

LPX is the form factor for the Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM. As a result of its size and shape, it fits easily into a two-channel DDR4 slot on most motherboards. The first RAM that Corsair introduced was the DDR4 RAM. Its specifications were excellent at the time, and the idea of using that type of memory quickly took off. It is a 9-pin DDR3L memory module, which provides great performance, even at 3200 MHz and CL15 15-15-15-36 as its default timing.

CAS  latency

best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

CL latency is primarily related to speed. A RAM with very low latency, but high speed, will be the most efficient, as the latency slows the mechanism that runs the RAM.

A huge plus point is that CL15 is considered to have low latency. Having this much speed plus low latency is equally impressive. There are multiple capacities available for Corsair Vengeance LPX, from 16 GB up to 256 GB. Additionally, the price of Corsair Vengeance LPX varies following the capacity. With the 16GB variant, you receive two 8GB modules.

Hand-assembled RAMs are more reliable due to their special architecture. Overclocking is available and Intel’s XMP 2.0 is used to accomplish the task. With a well-optimized XMP, users have no difficulty overclocking the RAM to its maximum without causing damage.


On overclocking, RAM timings increase to 16-18-18-36, but there’s an increase in speed, providing great balance and performance overall. Corsair’s Vengeance LPX has been optimized to the extent that it allows for its best performance for both AMD and Intel motherboards that support DDR4. The RAM has 8 PCB layers, which help when RAM is overclocking as they lose some of its thermal conductivity.

Corsair Vengeance LPX is a performance and value-based motherboard. Interestingly, this RAM’s aesthetics aren’t that great or cool from the start. On the other hand, it’s a class above the rest in terms of performance. Having an adequate cooling system on RAM can also make a huge difference in reaching maximum performance since heat hinders performance.

The RAM can be fitted with a cooling fan by Corsair. The exterior design of RAM automatically creates cooling when overclocking is enabled thanks to Corsair’s Vengeance Airflow cooler. You can find an entire guide here dedicated to Ryzen 3700x CPU Cooler by chance.

Heat dissipation

To greatly reduce heat, Vengeance LPX has a heat-dissipating aluminum body. As a result of this heat dissipator, the RAM core is easily air-cooled. Moreover, the RAM has a fairly small form factor, measuring around 32mm, thus fitting into smaller cases.

There is a problem with RAMs that they have extra fans that many users do not need. Making users buy an extra fan with RAM they may not use can be problematic for many users. This RAM, however, is relatively affordable.


Intel and AMD DDR4 motherboards are supported.

Almost all types of PC cases can be used with their small form factor.

It cools very well.


The price of RAM increases with an additional fan.

Multiple colors are available, but no RGB.


Despite its low cost, the Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM provides performance on par with RAMs that are triple its price. Even though the design is not aesthetically pleasing, it does the job if you are more of a performance-driven individual. The RAM is also protected from overheating thanks to various cooling solutions. A real treat for Ryzen 3700x, this is the Best Budget RAM.

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TEAMGROUP T-Force Xtreem ARGB~Best Performance RAM for Ryzen  3700x


 Check and buy on Amazon


Memory Type: DDR4 | Capacity: 16GB (8GB x2) | Frequency: 3600 MHz | Latency: CL14 | RGB Lighting: Yes/ No | Color: Black/White/Blue


TEAMGROUP has always been a competitor to other big tech giants like Gigabyte, Corsair, and G.Skill when it comes to RAMs. They had been struggling for years, but in 2021, they, at last, managed to surprise the best in the market. TEAMGROUP released their beast RAM, the TEAMGROUP T-Force Xtreem ARGB, a significant addition to the RAM domain in the market.

CAS latency and speed

To use it, at least one 288-pin slot on your motherboard is needed for T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR4 RAM. This RAM has 288 pins at the bottom, increasing its transfer rate. Speeds are 3600MHz, latency is CL14, and the timing is 14-15-15-35. It is rare to find RAM with such low latency and great performance.

T-Force Xtreem offers outstanding performance thanks to these specifications. A variety of capacities are available, with the most common being 16 GB.


Two 8 GB RAM slots are included in the 16 GB RAM kit, which is more than enough if you are gaming or using your computer normally. There is a slight weight difference between the T-Force Xtreem ARGB and other RAMs. The performance aspect shouldn’t concern you, though, if that’s your only concern. T-Force Xtreem draws 1.54 Volts to operate, which is slightly more than its competitors. But it meets the excessive voltage requirements due to its specifications and performance.


best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

In addition, the Xtreem is overclocking unlocked, which makes it a competitive item. Every gamer wants to increase the speed of their RAM by even just 1-2%. The problem with overclocking is that it increases the latency as well. In terms of speed, a decrease in latency is better compared to an increase in latency. Also included with this RAM is Intel’s XMP.

Because XMP comes pre-built with pre-configured profiles, Intel’s XMP provides smooth overclocking even for those who are unaware of it. Combined with this RAM, AMD’s Ryzen 3700x processor is a high-performance processor.

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The RAM has a great design as well as great performance. ‘ARGB’ in RAM’s name is an acronym representing addressable RGB. Rather than having an RGB lighted RAM, this RAM is illuminated with different colors, creating an incredible display. Furthermore, the RGB can be controlled by a motherboard application.

TEAMGROUP has coverage for those not fans of RGB. There are RGB-compatible and ARGB RAMs available. White, blue, and black colors are available for T-Force Xtreem ARGB RAM, and there is no RGB variant available. As for the price of the RAM, it will cost you a considerable sum of money. The thing to remember is that the performance of this RAM is what sets it apart from the rest of the competition.


There is no better DDR4 RAM timing than this one.

A beautiful application of ARGB technology.

The overclocking has been unlocked.




You can find better performance RAM on the market with TEAMGROUP’s T-Force Xtreem ARGB. There is a minimum amount of latency with the greatest speed. Users who aren’t so concerned about RGB RAM have the option of both RGB and non-RGB RAM. Despite this, most users purchase this RAM because of the unique illumination RGB feature. Despite that, it is extremely expensive. We categorized it, however, as one of the Best Performance RAM for Ryzen 3700x, based on its astonishing performance.

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3200 Mhz vs 3600 Mhz RAM ~best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

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best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

RAM nowadays is most commonly referred to as DDR4. There are two speeds of DDR4 RAM. They offer are two models of DDR4 RAM, one with 3200MHz and one with 3600MHz. There are several reasons why these two models are the most popular. Almost all motherboards from different manufacturers now support DDR4 RAM, which has been ruling the RAM market for quite some time.

Choosing between a 3200 MHz or a 3600 MHz DDR4 RAM might be confusing if you’re looking to purchase one. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making your decision. Let’s examine all the factors affecting your decision in detail.

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Latency and Clock speed

CAS latency refers to the time delay between the time it takes for the RAM to receive instructions from the processor and respond to them. Similarly, CL latency refers to this phenomenon. RAMs with CL Latency of 15 to 19 are most often found in DDR4 RAMs. Globally, latency is not a positive attribute of any system. RAMs with a CL latency of 15 will work much more efficiently than RAMs with a CL latency of 19.

It is important to consider the clock speed of RAM before making a purchase. It is customary to measure clock speed in MegaHertz (MHz). Clock speeds affect how fast the RAM works, so the higher the clock speed, the better your performance will be. The clock speed and latency of a reliable and high-performing RAM should be higher. This suggests the best RAM for Ryzen 3700x is 3600 MHz DDR4 with 15 CAS Latency.

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Memory Capacity


This fast-processing device uses data from storage to speed up processing when instructions are received from the processor. As soon as your PC or laptop is shut down, it gets cleared out. There was a problem with old RAMs having little space. The performance and lag of Chrome are often impacted by heavy tasks like running games and using multiple tabs.

With capacities between 16GB and 32GB, DDR4 RAM is the solution to this problem. Running heavy games and enjoying the full experience requires at least 16GB of RAM. The RAM frequencies are not affected by the RAM capacities. There will not be much of a difference in performance between 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 3200MHz speed and 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 3600MHz speed, but the 3600MHz speed will perform better overall.

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Related chipsets

best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X



There is no manufacturer-independent RAM. You can also use RAM from a motherboard that is made by Intel on a motherboard made by AMD. An X.2 port on any motherboard can be used to interface with DDR4 RAM. The most used RAM types today are DDR4 RAMs because they all have this port. If the motherboard runs at 3200 MHz or 3600 MHz, nothing changes in the chipsets supporting these RAMs.

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Pricing & Aesthetics

The majority of people prefer to invest in some other PC components that offer the best value for their money. A 3200MHz Ram Speed For Ryzen 3700X is the best if this is the case. The best RAM you can buy at a low price is this RAM, even though it is not as fast as 3600 MHz RAM. If you are a performance buff and won’t be bothered by the budget section, 3600 MHz RAM will be both visually stunning and highly functional.

3600 MHz RAM can be found in the market from reputable vendors such as Corsair, G.Skill, and Kingston, which have enticing RAMs with the best performance. The aesthetics and beauty of RAM should not be your top priority if you’re on a budget. Make sure your RAM performs adequately instead. Looks matter less when you’re on a budget than performance.

3700x RAM Speed benchmarks

best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

If provided with compatible components, Ryzen 3700x will beat the highest tier benchmarks. We have come up with a few RAM combinations which could be a good match for this processor after thorough testing and reviewing. Let us now compare the speeds and compatibilities of these RAMs with the Ryzen 3700x Processor, starting with the fastest.

The Corsair Vengeance LPX did not perform as well as the Trident Z Neo when tested with the Ryzen 3700x and RAMs such as the Trident Z Neo and the Vengeance LPX. This is due to the faster speed of Trident Z Neo when compared to Vengeance. We incorrectly assumed that 4-stick RAMs were more stable than RAMs with 2 sticks, before testing.

It became evident when testing a wide range of RAM sticks with an alternate number of RAM modules that there is no noticeable performance drop when using more than one. The place where dual-channel RAM is located is also often confusing for people. In quad-channel motherboards, dual-channel RAM is not supported.

This assumption is incorrect, however. The results of our tests show that dual-channel RAM sticks will perform the same as quad-channel RAM sticks, even if you buy them for a quad-channel motherboard. There is no dual-channel or quad-channel RAM. Dual-channel RAM works with dual- or quad-channel processors depending on the motherboard’s features.

How We Tested~best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

We at Tech1RESOURCES research all of our hand-picked Best RAM for Ryzen 3700x extensively. Our skilled analytics are taken into account followed by in-house review and testing (if possible). Performance benchmarks are also compared between idle, typical, and heavy gaming or overclocking workloads. Also, we cross-compare relative RAM performance when determining the Best Overall RAM for the Ryzen 3700x, and we guarantee 100% compatibility for it.

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How We Picked

There are many aspects to take into account when selecting the Best RAM for Ryzen 3700X since you must consider a variety of factors. Still, it’s ultimately up to you to decide. To make things easier for you, we have outlined a few key points you should consider when choosing the Best RAM for Ryzen 3700x based on your unique workload.

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Each manufacturer will launch its product at a unique price point for Best RAM for Ryzen 3700x. Apart from the building quality, aesthetics, and design of the RAM modules, they also differ in performance and heat dissipation, and these factors contribute to the variable price for RAM kits based on the brand.

As a result, you must analyze your budget when making a decision.  If you don’t need to spend as much on an aesthetic RAM, you’ll know whether it’s a smart investment for you to make.  You can also get a high-speed RAM kit that dissipates heat well.

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Perceived objectively, performance is the most important factor in RAM kit selection. All three factors can indicate how strong a RAM performs, such as CAS Latency (CL), clock speeds, and heatsinks. A lower latency (CL) can make your RAM faster, so you should always prioritize RAMs with low latencies. In addition, faster RAMs are always preferable. Low CL along with higher clock speeds will translate to a decrease in memory transfer time between the CPU and the RAM.  As a result, gaming performance will increase dramatically.

The last thing you need is thermally efficient RAM modules. Numerous manufacturers offer fans designed to supplement airflow or, at the very least, include embedded heat-spreaders for optimal heat transfer. Users can thus overclock RAMs without experiencing thermal throttling, which otherwise would decrease RAM performance and, consequently, PC performance.

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Power-hungry RAM is a natural result of high speed, but some companies can reduce this increase in power consumption by implementing low-voltage operations. You should look for low-power RAMs if you want to avoid overclocking, especially if you wish to save on your electricity bill. The performance differences are usually negligible. Similarly, the energy savings accumulate over time, providing you with long-term capital savings.

Aesthetics and Build Quality~best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

The world has changed. Those days are long gone when RAM modules were green, blue, or black. Nowadays, RAM kits are snazzy and sassy, sporting distinct design accents, such as fake jewels on the top of RAMs. In addition to RAMs, vendors often include white or frosted diffusers on top of RGB lights to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  Some vendors use diffusers around the perimeter of the module for a more distinctive translucent effect.

A decade ago, RAM kits had a lower build quality than they do today. The dust and humidity resistance of modern RAM modules has led to almost all manufacturers sealing their modules completely for enhanced longevity. Various brands offer different types of construction, with some specializing in premium construction and others looking for something more functional.

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Compatibility~best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

Many different RAM kits are available these days, some of them with the very same specifications, such as latency, speed, and type, as with DDR (in this case, DDR4).  You might find them compatible with your processor, but that does not guarantee they will work with yours.

As a result, we’ve been sure to thoroughly test and research all of the best RAM for Ryzen 3700X to ensure compatibility with your Ryzen 3700X, for your convenience.

You should, however, check the specifications of your motherboard and the RAM you plan to buy to be sure you receive the frequency you need.  Additionally, you should confirm that the RAM you’re buying is compatible with your motherboard.

Additionally, it is imperative to match the height of your RAM modules with the height of your CPU cooler since RAM kits these days come with tall heatsinks for improved thermal performance.  This may cause compatibility issues with your CPU cooler as these broad heat-spreaders interfere with the housing. We’ve compiled a list of the Best Low Profile CPU Coolers for those of you with a Mini-ITX or similarly small chassis.

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Manufacturer Support~best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

The Best RAM for Ryzen 3700x we select is closely scrutinized concerning the level of after-sales customer service the manufacturer provides, based on past track records and experiences. Our testing doesn’t stop here, and we examine every aspect of RAM, from the DDR4 pins to the RGB diffusers (if any) and the heat-spreaders, to understand the module’s durability and longevity. Similarly, we don’t let warranty periods slip by, since we encourage RAM manufacturers to stand by their products for as long as possible. Some companies even offer lifetime warranties for their RAM!

Ryzen  3700x RAM Compatibility~ best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

When using a top-of-the-line AMD AM4 chipset such as the X570 with a Ryzen 3700X, you can go up to 4400 MHz and even beyond natively. In addition to stable VRMs and massive heatsinks, motherboards such as the X570 and X470 are equipped with dedicated cooling fans and active cooling.  This helps you get the most out of your RAM by enabling you to overclock it.

B550 motherboard

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best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

The newer B550 motherboard is the minimum recommended motherboard. You could also opt for the relatively older B450 if your budget allows.  Due to these motherboard’s heat dissipation techniques and the fact that they have above-average VRMs, they are somewhat suitable for use in the PC market.  Your Ryzen 3700x and RAM will be slightly overclocked when you do this. However, I believe it vitally important to note that the B450 is compatible with native 2666MHz RAM, just like the older B350. It is also possible to overclock past 3200MHz (maximum overclock speed of the B350) to approximately 3466MHz (only for B450).

As an alternative, the B550 supports natively 3200 MHz and can be overclocked to 4000 MHz, depending on your thermals.

entry-level motherboards

best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

CPU and RAM overclocking are not officially supported on entry-level motherboards like the A520 and A320. A-Series motherboards’ limitations may not allow you to overclock. This could result in permanent damage to the components on your gaming system, since they have the worst video memory controllers combined with almost no passive cooling, thus making them the worst choice for overclocking, as the whole system will immediately throttle performance to keep the temperature down.

As long as you can get one, you should look for the best X-Series motherboard you can find. AMD’s B series chipsets are perfect if your budget is limited since they provide both power and overclocking capabilities at an affordable price. Do not purchase motherboards from the A-series. This is particularly true if you’re trying to pair your Ryzen 3700x with a suitable card.  A motherboard with an ultra-low price will not let you maximize the potential of your extremely powerful 5600X, due to the insufficient cooling and VRMs that will prevent you from overclocking the CPU and RAM.

poor performance ratio

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that speeds above 3600-3800 MHz are going to yield a poorer price-to-performance ratio, by and large.  The relatively high price difference between high-speed RAMs and standard RAM is due mainly to the relative cost of high-speed RAMs.

Also, the FCLK (Infinity Fabric Clock) will need to be manually overclocked. This is concerning the memory controller, which is generally set by default to around 1800 MHz, though it can be overclocked up to 1900 MHz on the B550 and X570. This further suggests that the optimal RAM speed to utilize RAM cycles is 3600 MHz or 3800 MHz, depending on the FCLK/MCLK configuration since RAM cycles are read at double the speed.

Frequently Asked Questions~best ddr4 ram for Ryzen 3700X

What RAM is compatible with Ryzen  3700x?

Support for DDR4 RAM is included with Ryzen 3700x. RAM can be connected to Ryzen 3700x at 3200MHz or 3600MHz, as both frequencies are supported. Compared to Intel’s 12th generation Alder Lake series, which supports only DDR5 memory, this processor is slightly older.

How much RAM does the Ryzen  3700x need?

Ryzen 3700x supports any RAM capacity as long as it is DDR4 RAM. For best performance, consider plugging in 16GB RAM at least. This will be fine for this processor. The 32GB DDR4 RAM bundle is an excellent choice if you can afford it.

Does Ryzen  3700x support 3600 MHz RAM?

DDR4 RAMs running at speeds between 3200 MHz and 3600 MHz are supported by the Ryzen 3700x. With this processor, it is best to have RAM that runs at 3600 MHz, although 3200 MHz will also work. They aren’t significantly different from each other.

What RAM to use with Ryzen  3700x?

The Trident Z Neo from G.Skill is a great choice if you’re interested in a good performance and are ready to invest. The Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM is a good choice if you are primarily a budget gamer.

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