10 Best outdoor TV protective covers 2021

10 Best outdoor TV protective covers 2021s

Here are the 10 best outdoor TV protective covers 2021 that will be useful when you place your tv in an open area.

You may ask, how they can hide their tv or whether covering it with a blanket is even safe? Can regular TV be used outdoors? Yes, it can.

However, there are one or two things one has to do to ensure the tv is protected. It has to be safe from weather conditions as well as from accidents that may lead to a broken screen.

Tv covers are useful when one requires to protect the screen from various conditions that may either cause the screen to break or even destroy the entire television set. This is why tv covers are important.

Once in while television sets, large and small, may find themselves outside because of many reasons such as a wedding, or barbeque.

10 best tv protective covers 2021

NOTE!!  It is wise to first measure one’s screen size before going for a cover.

It will not help to buy a small one that wont fit or a buggy one either.

BroilPro Accessories Outdoor  TV Cover

It offers full cover protection with Velcro to easy and fast sealing and accessing.


BroilPro Accessories Outdoor 55″ TV Set Cover

Has straps at the back for durability.

Has front flip for fast and frequent accessing.

It can be used with stand mounts and also with stands.

It is waterproof

The material is made up of heavy duty polyester with a cotton liner.

The cotton liner is to protect the screen from scratches.

Broilpro offers a warrant of 2 years and full refund within 90 if not satisfied.

Comes in various sizes that can cover screens as small as 22” and as large as 78”.

It is black in color.

A1Cover Outdoor tv cover

Has a cotton line to protect the screen from the scratches.

It is waterproof.

A1Cover Outdoor protective cover

It is made of heavy duty polyester and cotton

Offers full tv cover

Offers protection against wind, water and snow.

Has front flip

Has straps to ensure fast and ease of opening and closing

Cotton line protect screens from scratches

Offers 2 years of warrant and 90 days return and refund of not satisfied.

Mounting dream outdoor tv cover

This product offers excel dust proof and weatherproof performance to tv screens throughout the year.

Mounting Dream Outdoor TV Cover

It can be used with any type of flat screen tv, whether LED, LCD or OLED.

Can be used for screen sizes between 30 to 32 inches.

It is a full cover with Velcro straps for easy removal.

it is waterproof

made up of polyester and PVC.

VIVO tv protective cover

This one is available

VIVO Flat Screen TV Cover Protector for 65 to 70

for various screen sizes; 30”-32”, 40”-42”, 50”-52”, 55”-58”, 60”-65”  and 65” -70”

The material is waterproof and weather resistant.

Has lock stitches to ensure durability

Velcro on the backside and bottom for fast sealing and accessing

Has pockets at the back where remotes and many other tv accessories can be stored.

Microfiber outdoor tv

It is made up microfiber materials as the name suggests.

Microfiber tv cover with back pockets to keep remote and other accessories

It offers full cover, back and front

Has front flip  for fast and easy access without removing the whole cover

Its water proof

Offers protection throughout the year

Has various sizes to cover a wide range of flat screens

Offers 3 months guarantee.

It is the budget cover we recommend among the 10 Best outdoor TV protective covers 2021

U-Haul Foam F

U-Haul Foam offers protection during movement and storage

Flat Screen TV Cover

The material is made up of poly laminated form

Available for sizes up to 65”

Ideal for protection against dust, debris and dirt

One to go for when renovating home or moving the screen around.


Has front flip for easy and frequent access.

AIYIDUO Outdoor TV Cover 50 to 55 inches

It offers full cover

It is water proof and dust proof as well

The material is made from heavy duty polyester

Offers protection against water, snow, dust and wind

Can work with all tv mount.

Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover

This cover does not have front flip, though it useful type of cover.

Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover 40″, 42″, 43″

It is water proof.

Ease of seal and access is ensured by Velcro that is used on the straps

it also works for tv that are OLED, 4K, LCD  and plasma.

Has sizes up to 85”

Works with almost all tv stands and mounts.

Has pockets where the remote control and other accessories can be place. among the 10 BEST TV protective covers, this falls in the second after BroilPro Accessories

Avion Gear Outdoor TV Cover

Has sizes up to 65”.

Avion Gear Outdoor TV Cover – 55″ 58″

Works with almost all tv stands and mounts.

Has pockets where the remote control and other accessories can be place

Available in black color

Avion Gear works for tv that are OLED, LED, LCD  and plasma model.

Amazon Basics Outdoor  TV Cover

This is also one of the 10 BEST TV protective covers offered by Amazon.

 It is made up of polyester and PVC.

AmazonBasics Outdoor Waterproof and Weatherproof TV Cover – 50 to 52 inches

It is waterproof and windproof.

Available in a variety of sizes to fit many screen sizes.

Works with almost all tv stands and mounts.

Has pockets where the remote control and other accessories can be place.

Available in black color.

Tv are expensive to repair and procure. Protection is always the way to reduce unnecessary costs.

Why need the 10 best tv protective covers?

The key reason why covers are important is to prevent damage on the tv screens.  Or in other words to reduce the cost and frequency of maintenance.

Once damaged, one has to repair, replace components or even buy a new set. Smart and android TVs are expensive and so is their spare parts.

Protection from water

There are areas you may want to set your screen but it is water or high level of humidity.  It is wise to cover your tv with the best water proof covers available.

Even in absence of water, still or flowing, high level of humidity can destroy water sensitive electronics inside the television.

The waterproofing attribute of the cover

Water creates many pathways in the TV`s motherboard. Electrons flows in through such pathways to unintended areas.

Current flows rendered sensitive parts of TV useless when it flows to areas it was not designed to.  The whole TV can be destroyed

Where the water is not causing charges to flow to unintended region, it causes corrosion of components. However, corrosion takes time to take place but dangerous nonetheless.

Water destroys storage drives installed in today’s smart and android television sets. Though SSD storage are the best, HDD are still commonly used in many smart and android television.

Water destroys LCD screens. This happens when water particles find their way in the digitizers.

Protection unintentional hitting

In the events, many parties are involved in preparations. You may not know what other groups are doing, say painting or cleaning with water. Perhaps there are long items that require moving from one place to another.

Such objects can hit the screen an destroy it.  Furthermore, children have a tendency to throw objects now and then. Such, however light or small, can dent the screen and lender it useless.

No one needs any additional costs of repairing and replacing the screens in case such unfortunate event takes place.

Tv covers proofs tv for outdoor.

Protection from dust

Dust particles are ever present in the air. Worse still, they can be so small that they are not visible with naked eye. Though small, they can have reliability concerns for Television set hence the need for the covers.

When left for a long time, electrons tend to collect dust overtime. Since televisions are air cooled, dust prevents cooling. It is a common knowledge that heat is not good for any electronic. It slows down installed programs for smart tv.

Dust also collects humidity which can cause the components on the screen PCB to short circuit rendering it useless. What is worse is that today’s trend involves miniaturization of the electronic components. So, the smaller the component the easier it is to short.

Dust also creates electrical leakage and sometimes opening of PCB when conditions are right. Dust creates an electrolyte film which bears conductive properties and can cause the insulation surface to degrades between conductors.

Though very rare, dust causes third party wear since it increases friction between the contact surfaces. Fretting corrosion takes places.

Protection against UV light and heat

When the tv screens are left exposed, UV rays tends to degrade the PVC and other plastic components used to make the television set. The best Tv protective cover can prevent UV degradation.

The tv set colors fades with time and within a short time it appears dilapidated.

This reduces its value in case one might need to sell it for whatever reasons, may after an upgrade.

Direct sunlight has high levels of heat that might melt some internal components.  Such high heat levels will cause the internal components also to expand disproportionately (since they are made of different materials).

More one the 10 Best outdoor TV protective covers 2021 above contains double layers that further protects any type modern display panel.

bird droppings

though we like birds and sometimes keeps them as a pet, they can be nuisance since they leave their droppings everywhere.

Droppings on the screen will require one to constantly wipe the screen clean.

Protection when on the move

For one or more reasons, you need to move your tv screen from one place to another using a vehicle or other available means of transport.

With the best tv protective cover, moving TV screen should not be a problem.

Flat screes are fragile and a drop from any height will demand a repair or a replacement.

Tv covers with form are the best one to go for. With as much as less than $ 30, you will have more than half a decade of protection.

Such tv covers with form can also used when the tv is installed on the wall using a stand.

the available covers are for a wide range of screens up to 65”

To reduce maintenance cost

The cost of repairing or replacing components is quite high. Furthermore, sophistication and miniaturization can cause the whole PCB to be useless and hence need for an entirely new television set.

Other than the money, there is the time wasted when looking taking the screen for repairs. It even causes more damage.

To avoid all this, it is better to protect the screen using any of the 10 Best outdoor TV protective covers 2021 we have reviewed.

How to install
   Water proof tv cover

The 10 Best outdoor TV protective covers 2021 are designed to fit on television sets that are either stand  mounted on the wall or those placed on the surface. Such   covers are made of waterproof leather material.

The protective cover is rectangular in shape whose breath is thinnest of its dimensions.

Step 1

Open the back side of the cover. It is closed using zips.

Step 2

Lift the cover and slip it into the tv from the bottom.

Step 3

Zip back all the sections of the tv cover on the back.

Cover style

There are two ways one can cover tv;

  1. Half cover
  2. Full cover

Half cover offers protection for the front side and edges of the tv only. The back side is left exposed.

This type of tv cover is ideal for weathers that have low to moderate humidity and sun.

Also, they are applicable to places where the wind gusts, rainfall and snowfall are moderate to high.

Half covers are light in weigh and so putting them on and taking them of is relatively easy exercise.



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