Can Teslas be Hacked

Can Teslas be Hacked


You and I  are in an age where mankind is computerizing everything.  You have heard that even most sophisticated systems get hacked. Vulnerabilities are always there waiting to be exploited. You are right to ask yourself, can Teslas be hacked?

Well, this is a question even the manufacturers wish to know. Every time Tesla releases a new product in the market, it welcomes hackers to explore weaknesses. The company has been offering rewards to people who can help them find vulnerabilities in their system.

So, can Telsas be hacked? Yes, Tesla cars can be hacked, and even so every other vehicle that is as digitized as the Tesla cars. in my last article about electric cars getting overheated, we saw that it was possible to lower the vehicles performance.

You may have heard that Developers and hobbyists  explore how to hack a Tesla, but also anything that would give them a challenge.

Can you hack a Tesla to unlock features? This is quite tricky because most of the new models have everything the manufacturers have to offer. So, do not go try to look for Tesla hack performance because if the manufacturer did not put any, there is none. However, people have reported that they have had


Tesla just released an app that you can use to do everything with your car. One of the customers just realized that any skilled developer cannot only hack the application but also almost everything.

Exploit on the update system

You may have heard by now that Tesla can update the systems automatically over the air. Leave alone that have you heard it is also possible for the system to auto-order any of the parts? Well, Tesla is indeed offering you  updates without having to go to Tesla’s shop.

However, the attacks are now are targeting the vulnerability in the firmware update of your model X. According to, the vulnerability can be exploited using the ECU (electronic control unit). This is a part which you can  obtained from the older models. You can buy an ECU from online stores such as eBay.







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