Can you charge an electric car in the rain

Can you charge an electric car in the rain

Can you charge an electric car in the rain ( will it ruin your car?)

We are headed to a future where are electric vehicles are becoming more and more sustainable. EVs are relatively new in the market and there is no much information available in the market. So, it is only fair for you to wonder, “can you charge an electric car in the rain?”. We all know that water is a relatively good conductor of electricity. It is only natural to assume the worse when charging anything in the water.

So, can you can an electric car in the rain? Yes, it is safe. You can charge your car even when it is raining. Remember we said in a previous article that you can charge your electric car into a regular outlet so long as certain conditions are met? Well,   we intentionally did not include it has to be during dry weather.

The electric charge plug of your car has been specially designed to prevent water and dust particles from entering. The charging stations themselves have been designed to be weatherproof. Besides, before electricity flows between the charger and your car there have to be many things checked to avoid accidents. Furthermore, a lot of currents are needed to charge your car and accidents may happen if little care is taken.

what are the major concerns about charging your electric car in the rain?

You may have heard that electric cars are not so reliable in some weather. Yes, that is true. In the winter you have to keep the battery at optimum operating temperatures. Otherwise, it would freeze.

This is not the case with charging our electric car in the rain. Similar concerns had been raised and later solved by electric car engineers. Cars, whether regular or electric, were designed for outdoor use. This is why electric cars are first tested for verification that you can charge them in open whether it is raining, shining, or snowing.

I have heard my friend saying he would never try to wash an electric car for the fear of exploration or electrocution. He feared that he might destroy the car by the water. However, should know that this is not true. An electric car is designed such that using it or charging it in the rain would not harm at all.  If the rain cannot harm your electric car so should washing it.  While many electric cars have exploded, non has done so while being washed or because of water. With time, people have realized the benefits of electric cars that is why their sale is increasing every year.

You may have never heard this but electric cars are far safer than regular cars.  While the batteries may fail or explode the exploration is not as big as the caused by the petrol cars.

Charging electric cars sometimes takes a long time if you do not have a fast charger. However, this should not worry you. In fact, it is recommended that you use a level 1 charger once in a while because it helps keep your battery healthy. Here is a table showing type of electric vehicles and whether they are rechargeable.

Type of electric vehicleChargeable in the rain
Electric caryes
Electric scooterNo
Electric bikeNo




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