What is DDR3 SDRAM? When we say DDR3 (double data rate) RAM, we usually mean the SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM).  In our previous post about the DDR2 SDRAM, we discussed the specifications, standards, limitations, and strengths that the DDR3 predecessor had. It was released in the year 2007 where the modules came equipped with clock …

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What DDR2 SDRAM means DDR2 SDRAM stands for double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM.  The 2 is the DDR2 stands for the second generation of the dual data rate RAM. They are the successors of the DDR1  or simply the DDR. DDR2 RAMsare capable of operating the external bust almost twice as fast as the …

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What is form factor in computer

What Is Form Factor In Computers and laptop

 What is the form factor in computers? When it comes to computers, form factor refers to; (a) physical specification, (b) size, and (c) shape of the hardware component. It is the form factor that determines important computer parameters.  Such parameters include overall physical layout, amount of power required, and computer casing. Additionally, the form factor determines …

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