Do Tesla cars need oil change

Do Tesla cars need oil change

Do Tesla cars need oil change?

Electric cars have more benefits. Though there are stories of being hacked, they remain to be the best. Tesla is one of the best electric manufacturers in the world.  It is only fair to have so many people with their one or models from Tesla.  However, one question that bothers people who are interested in EVs is do Teslas need oil? And if they do, do Tesla cars need an oil change? These are not the only questions that people have who are interested in EV. In this article, am going to answer all the above questions in detail and many more about Tesla Cars or EVs in general.

Now, Do Tesla cars need oil change? No.  once you buy yourself a Tesla car, whichever model, you will never need regular oil changes for several reasons. First, Tesla cars do not have an internal combustion engine. An ICE has so many parts that move at cross-tolerance at very high speed that require lubrication.

The parts that move in the Tesla cars are electric motors. Electric motors are lubricated using grease instead of oil. Grease does not degrade over time.

So, do Teslas have oil? Yes. Where exactly? Tesla EVs do use differential (gearbox) that requires oil.  However, this oil will never require your attention since it does not degrade that first.  Furthermore, your gearbox is very slow speed and does not experience thermal stress.

There is more the question ” do Tesla cars need an oil change” than meets the eye.  So, let us explore the topic in more detail.

So, why do Teslas require no oil change?

To answer this question comprehensively, we have to take a look at why do internal combustion engine require oil changes as often as do.  And how do electric cars operate differently from the require ICE cars?

The oil need in an internal combustion engine is meant to lubricate the internal parts of the engine. An ICE (internal combustion engine) has so many parts moving at a very high speed.  Those parts include the cylinders, camshaft, crankshaft, valves, and many others. Such parts could be revolving at more than 1000 rpm. So, oil is required for lubrication.  This is not the oil role that oil plays in an internal combustion engine. Besides lubrication, oil is a coolant. The oil in the ICE cars is constantly subjected to thermal stress and with time it picks some atomic particles from the engine making it less efficient. This is why you need to change oil in a regular car more often.

Tesla electric cars and other EVs are driven by power electric motors. Those motors have very few moving parts, in fact, only one moving part; the armature and winding (the two are wounded together so they move as one). I know the next question in mind is “do Teslas need lubricant then? Yes, a very small amount of grease is more than sufficient to keep that one moving part of the electric motor working effectively. It has already been greased by the manufacturer, no need to worry.  Grease is very thick hence it will stay undegraded for an extended time.  Furthermore, you do have business opening your motor. If anyone was to ask you do Teslas need lubricants, tell them yes.

Other ways electric vehicles are better regular cars

That explains why Teslas do not need oil as other ICE cars do. In one of my articles, there is a comprehensive comparison between regular cars and electric cars.  In the article you can see how EV are better in snow than other regular cars.

If you have spent more time with an electric car, you will not that they are not loud.  We covered this when we talked about how loud electric bikes are.

The final benefit electric cars have over the other cars is that you can charge them using regular outlets. However, there are some conditions that have to be met first.



Are other parts may require oil? Let us look at that in more details.

Oil in the Tesla gearbox that you will never have to change

It is true you will never have to change the oil once you get yourself a Tesla EV. However, this does not mean that there are not that that uses oil. There are but you will be never be required to change it, even on a single day.


All Tesla models have gearboxes that contain oil in them.  So, why will you never have to change this oil? First, the oil will never get contaminated by the fuel fumes during combustion.  Secondly, the oil in the gearbox is not subjected to thermal stress that accelerates oil degradation. The current models do not require you to ever do anything about your gear so long as it is functioning well.  Previous models had the owners replace gearbox oil after some time as recommended by the manufacturer.  However, today, that is not necessary.

Tesla maintenance plan model 3

Teslas do have oil and yes Teslas need oil. But you will never be required to change them. Not even on a single day.

Do Teslas need maintenance then? Well, yes they do. Perhaps more than the ICE (internal combustion engine) cars. Electric cars are relatively new in the market. Not much is known about them in the market.  However, here are some tips you need to follow to keep your car on the long for a prolonged time. Before you follow these tips, consult with your user manual first to get more specific details about how to maintain your vehicle.

Brake fluid

So does a Tesla car need brake fluid? Yes. Though EV relies heavily on regenerative brakes, other types of braking are necessary. Regenerative brakes are the type of brakes where the wheels are used to turn motor which generates electricity which is stored in the battery. Clever, hah!

Brake fluid may leak or get contaminated after prolonged use. This affects the braking power of your car.  A closer examination of most of the Tesla manuals shows that it is recommended to perform a check at least once after two years.  You can always look for an expert if you do not know how to do it.

  1. Replace the carbon air and HEPA filters

The EVs are very environment-friendly machines. They are zero-emission vehicles. However, the air getting inside your car may not be very cleaned hence the need to use filters. The function of the filter is to prevent dust particles or industrial fumes from getting into your car. According to the Tesla website, it is recommended that the filters get changed once every two years.

  • Brake pads

Well, we said the primary braking system relies heavily on a regenerative system. however, the normal braking system is stilled used. This is why you ought to keep an eye on the brake pads. EV brake pads do not wear out as regularly as the ICE cars do.

  1. Tires

There is nothing special about tires used on any electric vehicle leave alone the Tesla. The tires, therefore, get worn-out as often as the rest of the regular cars` do. As to how often you change tires depends on many factors.  You can change them as often as they wear out. Keep the tires well-aligned to prevent uneven wearing. Balanced wheels wear evenly and tend to last longer.

  1. Air conditioning

There is a need to keep the AC of your car very functional. Just like the AC at your home or workplace needs maintenance to work effectively, the AC in your Tesla car requires regular maintenance.  How often you need to perform maintenance depend on the model of your Tesla car.  Here is a table from one of the reviews on the Tesla model.

Tesla model                time to service AC

Models                        Once every 2 years

Model X                      once every 4 years

Model 3                       once every 6 years

  1. Brake calipers

Tesla manufacturer has a recommended period as to when you ought to clean and lubricate brake calipers.  According to the Tesla manual, EVs used in the cold region require cleaning once every 12 months. However, if you cover 12500 miles before 12 months are over, do the cleaning.

It can be quite overwhelming to keep all this information in mind.  However, you do not have to worry a bit. You can book each of the maintenance services first with a dealer or the manufacturer even if the service will take place after a very long period. They will remind you.

How to book maintenance service for Tesla EV

You need to download the Tesla app first.  On the menu, click schedule a service appointment>>>> maintenance. You will fill in all the necessary details

If you remember, I had mentioned that the EVs are relatively new so their specialists are very few. Tesla cars are very high tech and only a limited number of people are skilled enough to maintain and service them. Since Tesla vehicles are very ubiquitous, finding somewhere to get services is very easy.

The latest developments in the Tesla company is over the air updates and diagnosis.  This means most of the software-related issues and electrical problems can be fixed without having to visit the actual service center. It is advisable that you visit the service centers as recommended since not everything can be fixed over the air. For instance, refilling the brake fluid will require an in-person service.

The application will remind of a lot of things such as when the next scheduled maintenance is to take place.

Related, do electric cars to need oil changes?

Do not forget to plug in your car

Charging your Tesla to capacity is not as fast as filling in gas in a station. When you get home, ensure you plug in your car. It is important so that you do have to look for other forms of transport because of a null battery.  Besides ensuring you have enough juice all the time, plugin your car often keeps your car battery very healthy.

If your home has cold weather periods, keeping your car plug helps your battery stay warm so maintaining the range is no problem. If you have a supercharger, you are lucky. However, they were never meant to be used on daily basis.

Final thoughts on Do Tesla cars need oil change

To your initial question, “do Tesla cars need oil changes”, the answer is no. however, there is an endless list, as you may have noticed, of other things you need to maintain. The most important part that you should never ignore is the coolant. Electric cars get overheated sometimes.   Heat affects the lifecycle of your battery. It is the most expensive component to replace.  Furthermore, it in your interest to cover the longest range possible between charges.







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