Do Teslas have Wi-Fi?

Do teslas have wifi? It is not what you think

Do Teslas have Wi-Fi? It is not what you think

Tesla is one of the electric cars that are doing well in the market.  The manufacturers do not only offer you an extended range from the battery but also have awesome customer support.  The features that your Tesla model has are beyond the customers’ expectations. You may be of knowledge that Teslas have an app with which you can do various things in and with your car. This may prompt you to have various questions about Teslas such as do Teslas have Wi-Fi?  In a previous article I did about whether Teslas require oil changes, we saw various advantages of an electric car. In this article, I want to discuss whether Teslas have Wi-Fi and what are their features.

So, do Teslas have Wi-Fi? Yes. If you have your Tesla car, you can connect to Wi-Fi.  Do Teslas have Wi-Fi hotspot? No. The only problem is that your car cannot act as a Wi-Fi hotspot itself. In other words, Tesla can connect to Wi-Fi but cannot be connected to other devices as a source of internet. When you go for any Tesla model, it will come with standard Wi-Fi connectivity. If you so desire, you can upgrade to the premium version which has more features.

Wi-Fi is not the only thing Teslas enjoy. Since 2012, all the new models are equipped with cellular data transceivers. So, your car can connect to any Wi-Fi available or you may use cellular data if you so desire.

What are the uses of Tesla Wi-Fi?

We use Wi-Fi to connect our phones and laptops so enjoy browsing and many other things.  Tesla Wi-Fi has specific uses that are meant to enhance your driving experience. The common uses of Tesla Wi-Fi that I have found include live traffic visualization, navigation, streaming media, and music. Pretty cool, huh? These are not the only uses of Tesla Wi-Fi. There is a similar feature in electric scooters that allows you to connect your phone and scooter.

There are two types of wi-fi connectivity that Teslas offers you; standard connectivity and premium connectivity. The two differ in many ways.  Firstly, while you will enjoy the standard connectivity for free, you will have to pay either monthly or annually for the premium connectivity. Secondly, the standard Tesla Wi-fi connectivity is limited to two things only. one, a basic road map and navigation. Two, streaming music using Bluetooth.

The premium offers more. Premium connectivity offers internet browsing, satellite maps, music streaming, video streaming, live traffic visualization, and Caraoke. All these features are meant to improve your ownership experience.  If you buy model 3, model S, model x, and model y, you will be given premium connectivity after you buy it. According to the Tesla website, you will part with $ 9.99/mo to enjoy premium service. This is the tesla internet cost.

Difference between standard connectivity and premium connectivity

Connectivity packagesStandard connectivityPremium connectivity
Costfree $ 9.99/month plus tax
Internet browsingnoYes
Satellite-view mapnoYes
Live traffic visualizationNoYes
Music streamingNoYes
Video streamingNoYes


How do I buy Tesla premium connectivity?

before we go into details on how you can buy the premium services, it is good we first look into areas where the service is available. Does this mean there are areas you won`t enjoy the premium services? Yes. The premium services are limited to the following regions;

  1. North America; the US and Canada
  2. Asian pacific; China, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and S. Korea.
  3. Europe; Portugal, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Luxemburg, Denmark, Iceland, German, Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and the UK.

You are only eligible if you are located in those areas only. Of course, the tesla internet cost will remain consistent for those areas. The internet cost may increase in the future or it may be free. I may have not mentioned this earlier but some models enjoy free premium connectivity so long as they owners met the certain condition.

So, how do I buy Tesla premium connectivity?

You will need to log in into tesla account.  In your account, you will a feature asking whether you want to subscribe to a premium account.  Press “subscribe’ to the premium connectivity. It is as simple as that. You may also want to cancel your premium subscription any time you want. You will do it in your tesla account.

Final thoughts on do Teslas have Wi-Fi?

Cars are becoming smarter and smarter are technology keeps on becoming better. As more manufacturers get into the market, more features will be affordably accessible to you and me. Today, some challenges facing electric cars include overheating and hacking. However, there are incentives by various governments such as free parking to encourage people to buy more EVs.

As of today, the current technology allows us to charge in regular outlets and charge in the rain. EV however cannot charge themselves because wireless charging is expensive and has low efficiency. This will change in the future. Just like electric scooters, electric cars can be driven in the snow. However, the range is affected.  Electric cars, electric scooters, and electric bikes have their range affected by many factors beyond the scope of this article. ( you can read a review I did on dualtron electric scooter here)

The benefits of electric cars are likely to increase in the future. Do, not be discouraged, you should go for any model that appeals to you most.




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