eBay PS5 console scammers

eBay PS5 console scammers


A good number of people were not fortunate enough to buy themselves a PS5 when it was launched and after restocks. Such unlucky customers have turned to private sellers with the hope that they will secure themselves either the PS5 console or the PS5 digital edition. eBay PS5  scammers have since been sizing  the unique opportunity to  mercilessly extort online buyers.

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There is a handful of honest resellers who either did not like the product or had managed to secure themselves more than one console.  Most of them have even offered to sell them at retail price.  However, there is a group of people, scammers, and scalpers, who intend to take advantage of those who did not get one.


While there is a little problem with the scalpers, scammers, on the other hand, pose a serious problem to potential buyers.  The Scalpers wish to resell their consoles at a profit, probably a profit of more than $ 100.  Today there is eBay  PS5 console scammers, there is a list of people who are offering the product at unfathomably high prices.

eBay PS5 console scammers
A scammer offering PS5 image

Currently, some are selling it at prices as high as $ 1400.  Other people are selling items related to PS5 such as photographs. However, the potential buyers are not likely to see the word such as a photograph or image in the description.

Now that Christmas is near, the anxiety is likely to take new heights causing the potential buyers to be even more careless while buying items online.  It is wise for buyers to be more cautious to avoid carelessly paying for items that they do not need in the name of PS5.