electric cars and free packing: is it true?

You may have heard from all sources of information that those with electric cars sometimes get free sparking space in most parts of the world. Electric cars come with a lot of benefits to the owners, and the government. So, electric cars and free packing: is it true? If so, where? All these are legitimate questions I too asked myself before buying by EV.

So, electric cars and free packing: is it true? Yes, it is true. Many governments all over the world have been looking for ways to entice more people to buy EVs.  Electric vehicles are not only cheap to operate for the owners but have few carbons footprint. These are not the only incentives offered to those with electric vehicles.  You can look at what other incentives are offered by the government in your country.

In my last article, I talked about whether you can plug your car into a regular outlet.  However, here I want to look at some of the treads that indicate in the future we will be using electric vehicles. Additionally, I will discuss some of the countries as well as cities that are offering free parking incentives to EV owners. With all these incentives, will all cars be electric by 2030?  Nd what will happen if all people switch to electric cars? You can read about how do electric cars work here.

 i.            So where can I find free parking? Which countries and cities offer free parking?

You now might be thinking of looking for the cheapest electric car in the market to enjoy such incentives. You can look for the model that suits you best and go for it.  Here are countries that have offered to let people park for free if they have an electric car.



As of the year 2020, there were more than 18500 charge points on public roads in EUROPE. The continent was making such moves hoping that the number of electric cars will reach 33,000,000 in few years. So, when the country is considering charging stations, it is also considering free parking space.

Free parking is not the only thing people in you enjoy. Governs have been reported to offer subsidies to those purchasing EVs. You can get free parking in the following countries in Europe;

  1. Sweden
  2. France
  3. Spain
  4. UK
  5. Italy and
  6. Other countries are said to offer but are yet to confirm it myself.


In addition to free parking, local governments in the US have been offering reduced registration fees as well. Such are incentives meant to make many people go EVs in the future. Other countries that offer free parking include Australia and Canada.

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