FM and AM meaning

FM and AM meaning FM and AM meaning; AM stands for amplitude modulation while FM stands for frequency modulation.  Frequency modulation and amplitude modulation are the only two ways that radio signals are transmitted. How radio works Before discussing FM and AM meaning, we will described some terms.  We will discuss what is radio and …

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How projectors work

How projectors work

  Before we discuss how projectors work, we shall look into the categories of projectors. There are many categories of projectors classified according to several factors. The first way of classifying projectors is based on the type of lamps used. In this category there are the laser projectors, LED projectors, and xenon lamp projectors. The …

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How CCF lamps work

How CCF Lamps work

Cold cathode ray lamps CCF  stands for cold cathode fluorescent  lamp. You have seen cathode ray lamps. You even could be using one in your house or you be in a place where they are being used. Cathode ray lamps are the fluorescent lamps we use in our houses for lighting. How CCF lamps work …

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How Micro-LEDs work

How Micro-LEDs Work

  Before I describe how Micro-LEDs work, let us start by defining the Light-emitting diodes (LED). Diodes are passive electric components whose function is to allow a unidirectional flow of current. However, LED is a special kind of diode that produces light. Today, there so many light colors that LED produces which was not the …

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what is lumen

what is lumen

What is lumen?It is the unit used to measure brightness of any source of light. The higher the lumen the brighter the source of light, in this case the projector. ANSI lumen is the industrial term for the amount of light. A candle emits approximately 12.5 lumen. The average amount of light from a lamp …

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Computer Hard disk drive

what is a Hard disk drive? A computer hard disk drive is an electro-mechanically controlled non-volatile data storage device. It is used for data storage and retrieval. Your data is written or erased on a platter that is coated with magnetic material. internal components of a computer hard drive Today, more than 70% of the computers in …

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