what is lumen

what is lumen

What is lumen?It is the unit used to measure brightness of any source of light. The higher the lumen the brighter the source of light, in this case the projector. ANSI lumen is the industrial term for the amount of light. A candle emits approximately 12.5 lumen. The average amount of light from a lamp …

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Intel core i7 processors

Intel core i7 processors

This list contains the Intel core i7 processors from 2nd generation up to 11th generation from the Intel manufacturer.  The processors listed are 10nm technology and of tiger lake UP3 architecture. In 2017, Intel release core i9 processors which pack more cores per processor than core i7.  Hyper-threading in core i7 enabled, this is why …

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Computer Hard disk drive

what is a Hard disk drive? A computer hard disk drive is an electro-mechanically controlled non-volatile data storage device. It is used for data storage and retrieval. Your data is written or erased on a platter that is coated with magnetic material. internal components of a computer hard drive Today, more than 70% of the computers in …

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How Much is PS4 in Kenya

The thrill of the new next PS5 console is not yet over. Despite the stock shortage in the major online shoppers in the USA, Kenya has a few places where you can buy one for yourself. However, the prices are somehow disheartening and any one below the middle  class may never afford one. Are you wandering how …

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Inclined Plane Gravity Clocks

Think you seen all the mechanical watches? We have seen all manner of mechanical watches but there is one that stands out among them all; the inclined plane gravity clocks. The clock consists of an inclined acrylic plane. The inner mechanism and the faced are wittily balanced while the outer drum roll down the plane. The clock is …

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