How far can electric bike go

How far can electric bike go

How far can electric bike go

There are a few publicly available charging stations in many countries. This has been a big hindrance to those who wish to adopt electric bikes as their mode of transport. This is why you would wish to know how far can electric bikes go between charges. Well, once you have been riding an e-bike for as long as I have, you will realize that the range varies depending on several reasons. However, if you have a high-end electric bike, you will cover a considerably long distance.

So, how far can electric bikes go? If you charge the high-end e-bike to capacity, you can cover up to 350 km or approximately 218 miles.  If you go for a standard bike that has a battery rated at 400- 500 Watts, you will cover about 100 kilometers or 62 miles. If you go for a simple e-bike, you will only manage about a maximum of 60 km or 37 miles.

The range that your e-bike can cover depends on so many factors such as your weight. If you are light, you will cover a longer range. Weather is another factor that affects the range of your e-bike.  Let us look into those factors in more detail now.

Factors that affect the range of your electric bike

Electric bike range and speed are a function of many factors I wish to discuss in this section. So, if you desire to cover the maximum range possible, pay attention to these factors closely. Furthermore, you do not want to get stuck on your bike so many miles away from home or charging station. You have to need to know how to use an electric bike calculator since the number of miles is not guaranteed.  So, even for a 1000 W electric bike, the range will be determined by the factors below.

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  i.            Battery size

 Battery size is the major factor that affects how far an electric bike can go. The bigger the battery the more the range you can cover. The downside to the size of the battery is the amount of time it may take to charge to full capacity. Unless you have a supercharger, some of those large batteries can take more than three hours to charge to capacity. 52 v is one of the largest batteries you will get in the market.

  ii.            Age of your battery

All batteries, including the lithium-ion types, degrade with time. The deterioration has the battery unable to hold as much as charge it would if it is new. The less power your battery can hold, the shorter the range you can cover. It is only wise of you to replace it with a new one once it gets old. The manufacturer ought to include how many years you can safely ride your e-bike before replacing the battery.

    iii.            Pedal capability

  The pedaling capability of your electric bike depends on the class of e-bike you went for. If you search in the market, you can find e-bikes that allow you to combine your power with that of the battery.  You can cover miles with such an electric bike. If you want such electric bikes, look for those labeled pedal assist.

           iv.            Terrain

By terrain, I mean how flat or hilly are your roads? You will cover significantly long distances in relatively flat areas. On the other hand, if you plan to ride on a hilly road, it is a different story altogether. You need more torque to climb steep hills. More torque means more power is drawn from the battery. This, however, may not affect e-bikes as much as it affects the e-scooters.

     v.            Weight of the rider

 The more load your bike carries the more power it needs to move. If you are a lightweight rider, you likely to cover even longer distances than what manufacturers indicated. Heavy riders are always at a disadvantage, their e-bikes cover only a limited distance. According to some of the electric bike reviews, if you double the weight of the bike, you lose 20% of your range.

      vi.            Your speed

Surprisingly, the speed at which you cruise affects your range. Some expert reviews indicate that reducing your speed increases the distance you can cover. Will increase it by at least 20%. So, when you as to how fast do electric bike go, also ask how far you wish to go.

    vii.            Tire pressure

Of course, tire pressure affects your range as well as any other factor. I know you have ever tried to ride a bicycle on a flat tire.  Besides being uncomfortable, the amount of energy you needed was literally breathtaking. This is also true for an electric bike. A hard tire will roll so smoothly on a tarmac road that efficiency will increase.  If you are on rough terrain, a softer tire will roll faster. A soft tire will require more power to roll on a smooth tarmac road.  Ensure you balance tire pressure well.

  viii.            Weather

How can weather affect my e-bikes range? The wind is the answer. The direction of the wind will determine whether you will experience drag or a push.  Wind blowing opposite your direction will drag you.  More power will be drained from your battery.  If you are going the same direction as the wind, you are lucky for the wind will push you. Such a scenario will require very little power. It is not only the direction of the wind that will affect you but also its speed. The higher the speed of the wind, the greater the drag or push you will experience.

How long does it take to charge a battery?

Just as the range of your e-bike is affected by many factors, the time it takes to charge your battery also depends on several things. The first thing is the size of the battery. The bigger your battery is, the more time it will take to charge. The second thing is the technology of your charger. Like many electric cars, electric bikes have standard chargers and superchargers.  Superchargers are also referred to as fast chargers.

Large batteries may take up to 3 and half hours to charge to capacity. This is for the 400 W types.  E-bikes that use a 700 W battery can take up to 6 hours to charge.

There is something you ought to know. It takes less time to partially charge the battery than charge it to full capacity. What do I mean by this?  if You carefully observe, you will note that you get up to 80% of the charge by half the time it requires to fully charge it.

Benefits of an electric bike

The question “how far can an electric bike go” will not be exhaustively covered if I do not talk about the benefits of an electric bike. The benefits are many. In fact, when you use an electric bike, you help reduce the carbon emission into the environment. Let us now look at the advantages and benefits of an electric bike one by one.

    i.            It is quiet

One thing you will realize when you are on your e-bike is that it hardly makes any noise. Isn`t it this a good thing?  Noise pollution is one of the contributing factors to stress people have.  A quiet environment is all it takes to give you peace in your mind. If your city is as large as Nairobi is, you will know how noisy it can become.

 ii.            No greenhouse gases

Electric bikes have zero emissions.  They do not release exhaust gas. They do not add to the greenhouse that has contributed to global warming. Long before thorough research was conducted on some of the fuel additives, lead compounds were included in the petrol. Lead is a highly carcinogenic product.  Greenhouses are not the only thing rising eyebrows about fossil fuel.  It is estimated that sometimes in the future that oil reserves will be exhausted. This is scary. Alternative sources of energy have to be discovered and fast.

Global warming has brought about changes in weather conditions and climate as well. Some areas are becoming hotter while others are becoming cooler than normal.

   iii.            Cheaper to operate

A careful calculation shows that you will pay less to operate an electric bike compared to the motorcycles. While you get everything a motorcycle offers you on an electric bike, the cost of acquiring and operating one is very low. Oil prices keep on fluctuating from time to time but the cost of electricity has tried to remain consistently constant.

   iv.            Good for health

Many people have respiratory issues. I hope you are not one of them. Gases emitted from internal combustion engines of motorbikes and cars only make the situation worse. A well-cited study has shown that people living in the cities are more susceptible to lung cancer than those in rural areas. Now, do you see the need for alternative sources of energy for our vehicles?

How long does an electric bike last

How long does an electric bike last? 3 to 5 years is the answer. Some things determine the lifespan of your e-bike. The first thing is the charging and discharging cycles.  Various types of batteries have different charging and discharging cycles. If a battery is rated 1000 charging cycles, it means if you manage to charge and discharge it 1000 times in a single year it will be useless within that year.  It is unfortunate for you and me since it can get degraded after some time even when the 1000 cycles are not over. Lithium-ion batteries are the common type of batteries used and are known to degrade with time. When this happens, your e-bike will have its range reduced in proportion to the rate of battery deterioration.

So, how long does an electric bike last then? The answer still remains 3 to 5 years depending on how well it is maintained. If well maintained, it can go longer than 5 years.  Compared to an electric car, an electric bike has less life cycle.


Other than decreased range, once your electric bike`s battery deteriorates, it discharges faster. You will need to buy a new battery if this happens to your bike. I would prefer a new electric bike altogether. And why would I buy a new e-bike instead of just replacing the battery?  Firstly, the batteries are expensive to replace. Consider parting with approximately $ 700. But that will depend on both the size and the brand you go for. Secondly, the electric motor also deteriorates with time and they become less efficient. So, they would consume more power while giving me a limited range.

electric bike with the longest battery life

any electric bike that has a lithium battery can be considered an e-bike with the longest life span.  The advantage of a lithium battery is that it has a high charge density.  This means for whatever mass of the lithium battery you have, will hold more charge than a lead acid of the same mass.

You will need to properly maintain your battery all the time.  You will have to use the standard charger once in while instead of a supercharger.

Final thoughts on how far can electric bike go

Everyone wishes to have one electric bike that offers both an extended life span and can cover very long range.  With time, this may be very possible. If a man can discover a way of transmitting electricity inform of waves like the sound and video signals.  However, for now, we hope that sooner than later engineers will come up with batteries that can hold enough power to take you all day long packed in a small battery.

The batteries that are available in the market deteriorate with time and unfortunately, they offer only a limited range.  If you want more range, you will need a bigger battery which is very heavy and costly.

Do not shy from purchasing yourself one such bike. The benefits of e-bikes outweigh their disadvantages by far.

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