How much are electric bikes

The cost of electricity is far lower in all developed countries than the cost of gasoline. It is no surprise to have so many people wishing to turn to electric vehicles, electric bikes, and electric scooters. I have discussed can you charge an electric car in the rain. We saw how much it cost to operate an electric bike per kilometer or mile and it was cheaper.  It was also the case when we checked about charging electric cars on the regular outlet.  It is only natural for you and me to seek more information on how much are electric bikes.  You will find that the prices of electric bikes are not as prohibitively high as some people have thought.

So, how much are electric bikes? The cost of an electric bike is a function of many factors. This is why the prices vary significantly. It is possible to get those that are extremely cheap. However, if you want an electric bike that will offer speed, long-range, and other performance, be ready to pay more.  

When you are looking for an electric bike, be sure to look for the best one. Otherwise, you might regret buying one and you may never want to buy another altogether. In this article, I will discuss various factors that influence how much you will pay for an electric bike.  It is something to do with features but let us look at them in more detail. Whether you are going for the best budget electric bikes or used electric bikes for sale, these are the factors that will determine the cost.

Factors that determine the cost of an electric bike

Just like smartphones and laptops` prices are determined, so is the price of an electric bike or a hybrid electric bike. The more impressive features are, the higher the prices.  The factors that will determine how much an electric bike include the battery, motor, wheels, and frame. I want us to look at them in detail so that you do not get discouraged by the high-priced models in the market. By the time you are done reading this article, you will realize that there are not only affordable options but also high-performance models in the market. If you are an enthusiast, it is alright to go for the high-end models in the market; they offer performance that is way off the charts.

Due to extensive market research, manufactures can create a variety of models with a combination of different aspects so that they can cater to the differing tastes of their customers. For instance, you might be looking for speed and extended range while I might need one that is able to offer high torque only. you see now,  we will be looking for different features all together.


The motor is the engine of your electric bike and the battery is the fuel source. Motor determines two aspects of your electric bike; the speed and the amount of torque. Motors that you go for should offer high performance. They ought to offer you more power (torque) and higher speed as well. The higher the speed and the higher the power, the costlier your bike will be. When I mention torque or power it means energy needed to push you through heights or to bear more load. Besides power and speed, electric motors determine how loud your electric bike becomes. However, as we saw in my previous article, how loud an electric bike is, is a function of many factors.

Types of electric motor

You should expect two types of electric motors for your electric bike or hybrid electric bike. The first type of motor is the hub motor. The second type of motor is mid-drive motors. The two types have their limitations and strength.  Mid-drive motors are most favored when it comes to electric bikes. From expert reviews, I have been reading and  the  extensive research I have conducted, mid-drive are the most efficient of the two types. The mid-drive motors in electric bikes get their name from where they are located. You will find them placed between pedals. Their central location does not only make them balance your bike but also very silent. This is why you will find them used on mountain bikes.  Now that you have started to like them, you should also know that they are also pricey.

The hub motors are also used in electric bikes appears as shown in the image below.

How much are electric bikes
An electric motor hub

They can be categorized into two. The first category is the geared electric hub. The second category is the direct-drive electric motor hub. Besides making them noisy, their location  also makes them less efficient. Hub motors are heavier and require more wattage and hence a bigger battery. Nonetheless, they are cheaper than the mid-drive motors and you can buy one if you have budgetary constraints.

What I am trying to say is that the better and higher the performance of your electric motor, the higher the price.

Electric motor power rating

Most of the electric motors you will find in the market has power rating between 250 W and 750 W. Motor that has higher power rating will also offer better performance.  Our team has found that motors with power ratings of 750 W and above are more responsive, snappier, and more versatile. They also provide more power and higher speeds.

And how should you know how to choose the best power rating? The main factor that should determine the type of motor you go for is the type of terrain. A place with many steep hills requires you to go for powerful motors. The more powerful your motor is, the more force it can provide you with when climbing a hill.

I have been reading a lot about mid-drive motors and hub motors.  What I can to realize was that mid-drive motors offer higher torque than a hub motor of the same rating. This is because a mid-drive motor has a higher mechanical advantage.


The batteries are the source of fuel for the electric motor. Today, you will find that people favor lithium-ion batteries over other forms of batteries. Electric bike batteries vary in size.  The bigger the lithium-ion battery, the more power it can hold. Also, the power rating of a battery determines how much power can be drawn by the motor.  A bigger lithium-ion battery means more power which also means more miles per charge.

When we wrote about how far can electric bike go, we saw factors that determine the distance covered between charges include the weather, rider weight, the efficiency of the motor and the load carried. Besides those factors, there is the terrain. The steep hills cause your battery to drain fast. By weather, I mean the wind.  When you are riding against wind you cover a limited distance. But when you are driving with a tailwind, you cover more distance. When climbing a hill, more power is needed to overcome the extra weight due to gravity. This is why your battery drains faster.

weight and battery

As for the weight, the power is a product of the torque and speed of the wheel. The torque is a product of the force and the radius of the wheel.  So, the more weight or load you have on the bike, the more force will be required and hence more torque, even so, more power.

Nonetheless, the bigger the battery the more charge it can hold and the more distance you can cover between charges. When we looked at the best scooters for adults, we saw some batteries can provide power to cover the distance between 20 miles (32 km) and 85 km (50 miles). It is also the same for the electric bike.

However, the distance can be considerably longer if your bike is a pedal-assist type.


The electric bikes have a similar configuration to that of a traditional bike.  When you choose a mid-drive configuration, there is so much room that is left in the rear.  In rear, you can have a more complex transmission which will increase the usability of your electric bike.

How much does it cost to use and maintain an electric bike?

Of course, there are costs associated with operating your electric bike after you buy it. Other than the cost of electricity, you will need to change or repair a component or two once in a while. In fact, your battery will wear out after some years, at least 5 years for most, so be prepared to change it. Even so, most of the maintenance costs are small; unless you are changing the motor or the battery.

One operation cost is the charging cost. This cost depends on the cost of electricity in your country. In the US, it cost roughly 12 cents for every 1 kWh you get. It, therefore, goes without saying that how often you ride will determine the fuel cost.  According to the research I have conducted, it will cost you roughly $ 1 per charge.  Additionally, the more you use your bike, the more the battery degrades and the less distance you can cover. This is why you ought to look for a very good battery.

There are periodic repairs.  You remember, in our article about changing oils in tesla, we said that the motors do not require oil change because they are well greased.  This is also the case with motors and gearbox of electric bikes.  However, the nylon gears are known to melt once in a while. So be very careful. With good care, you will not have to maintain an electric bike more than a traditional bike.

Do not be scared. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages of the electric bike by far.

This topic on how much are electric bikes will not be complete without looking at the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes


Fuel economy: the fuel cost of electric vehicles per mile (or kilometer) is far less than that of regular cars and bikes. We saw this when we discussed how much an electric bike weighs.

No noise pollution: motorbikes use internal combustion engines to run.  Even though there are components meant to reduce noise in cars, there are some riders that optionally go for those that produce a lot of noise. This is not good for health. However, your e-bike produces no noise at all if properly maintained.


Initial cost: it is common knowledge that additional components such as the battery and the motors increase the cost of a bike. This makes them expensive.

Long time to charge: despite their speed and performance, lithium-ion batteries require at least 3 hours to charge. This is when one has a supercharger as well.


Final thoughts on how much are electric bikes

Electric bikes are definitely going to be used massively in the future. As you have realized, their benefits are many. So, when you go for an electric bike, new or used, consider the factors mentioned above.  You may not need speed but power depending on the type of terrain you are in.  Therefore, considered what you need first before going for an electric bike in the market.  However, bigger batteries and more powerful motors are the best to always go for.