How much does electric bike weighs

How much does an electric bike weighs

“How much does an electric bike weighs” is a question many e-bike fans ask. There are times when the weight of your bike is a concern. You are right to want to know how much your electric bike might weigh given there are additional components such as the motor and the battery itself.  Furthermore, you may want to buy a pedal-assist type which means you will have to pedal from time to time. The heavier your e-bike is, the more tired you become after cycling. You do have to worry much. Some of the electric bike reviews indicate that most of the standard batteries will add between 3.5 to 6.5 kg.

So, how much does an electric bike weighs? Around 18 kg (40 lbs.) and 32 kg ( 70 lbs.). of course, the weight varies depending on the model.  Some could be lighter than 18 kgs while others could be heavier than 70 lbs. Your electric bike weight is partly what determines the performance and usefulness.

Does the weight of an electric bike affect the speed?

Yes, the weight of an electric motor will affect your speed in more than one way. The maximum speed allowed in Europe for electric bikes is 25 km per hour or 16 mph. Let us look into this scenario where your battery runs out of power. All the heavy pedaling working will be left to you.  Having an additional 7 kg of motor and battery with you means you will get tired if you are covering a very long distance. Also, assuming you are climbing a hill while pedaling, you will have to slow down because of the additional weight. So, yes, the weight of an electric bike affects the speed.

How much does a bike weighs is a question you ought to have the answer to since as you can see the weight affects your speed. Furthermore, in the previous topic, how far can e-bikes go, we saw that the weight of your bike affects the range.

When to avoid heavy wight bike

Since your electric bike weight is greater than that of a normal bicycle, it wise to avoid areas where you might need to carry it around; say upstairs. Look for a place to keep your electric bike where you will never be required to carry it around. You can keep it in car parks or somewhere in your garage.  However, if your house is on the ground floor, then you should never be worried about carrying around.

Why are electric bikes heavy?

As I said before, two things make your e-bike heavier than any regular bike. The first thing is its battery. The second thing is the electric motor. You can expect the e-bike battery weight to be around 7 lbs. or 3.2 kg.  these are the standard types. Do not be surprised if you find yourself with an e-bike battery weight as heavy as 6 kgs. On the other extreme end, e-bike battery weight can be as small as 3.3 lbs. or 1.5kg.

e-bike Electric motors and batteries are not the only thing that might add to the weight. But the two have the most significant weight of all other components added to an e-bike. Other components that might add to the weight may include the cables and the LCD display. However, they do not add any significant weight.

You may also note that e-bikes tend to have wider wheels compared to other bikes. Wider wheels add more weight. The greater width of wheels is meant to serve two purposes. The first purpose is to add traction due to the high speeds you are likely to use. The second reason is the makes it easier to ride on rough terrains.

As much as wider wheels are better, they also have a downside; they add to the drag your bike might already have. You will need more effort when pedaling if your battery runs dry on your journey.

How much does a class 1 e-bikes weigh

What are class 1 e-bikes? Class 1 e-bikes are those that are categorized as pedal assist.  By this I mean you will not have the motor working on its own, it has to be activated by pedaling. When you stop pedaling, the motor stops working.

So how much does an electric bike weighs? The class 1 e-bike can weigh as low as 17 kg. or 38 lbs. and can weigh as much as 25 kg. or  55lbs. The class 1 e-bike battery weight will be approximately 2.8 kgs.

How much does a class 2 e-bike weigh?

Class 2 electric bike requires activation through a throttle action. It can be a twist grip, trigger, or button which when actuated activates the electric motor. In other words, it is behaving like a regular motorcycle except for the speed capabilities.

So, how much do class 2 e-bikes weigh? According to expert reviews, the weight of a class 2 electric bike ranges between 42 lbs. and 55 lbs. Class 2 electric bikes have some advantages over class 1 bikes; the motor can do all the work for you. Now you see electric bikes under 20 kg are so many in the market.

How much class 3 electric bike weighs?

They are more class 1 electric bikes with the difference being speeds you can achieve. Depending on which countries you reside in, you can cruise with speeds as high as 15 mph (24 kph) or even 20 mph (32.2 kph).

The line between the class 3 electric bikes and motorcycle is very blurry. You might be surprised to find that they are classified as motorcycles. If classified as a motorcycle, a license is needed to ride one.

How much does an electric bike weigh, class 3 e-bike? They weigh as little as 38 lbs. ( 17 kg) and as much as 55 lbs. ( 25 kg). they are not heavier than class 2 e-bikes.

The electric bike weight limit varies from one model to another. Some models allow you to carry as heavy loads so long as you do exceed 100 kg (or 220 lbs.).

What to look for when buying an electric bike

When you go looking for the best electric bikes in 2021, make sure you are careful about a few things.  The first thing is the class of e-bike you want. Carelessness can have you with a totally different model than what you needed in the first place.

The second thing you need to look for is the range. In my article, are EV direct drive, we discovered that range varies from one model to another depending on various circumstances. Even when classified as the best electric bike by some reviews, make sure you check on the maximum range it can offer you. Batteries have their limits and the order they get, the less efficient they become.

The third thing on the list is the maximum load it can carry. Just like the range, the electric bike weight limit varies from one model to another. There two reasons you might want to be careful about the weight limit.  The first reason is that people weigh differently. If you weigh between 55 kg (121 lbs.) and 75 kg (165lbs.) you do not need to worry.  However, if you are heavier than that, consider going the high-end e-bikes. They can support more load.  The second reason why the e-bike weight limit is important is that you may need to carry some heavy loads with you. Exceeding what the motor can handle can destroy. Moreover, much of the energy to support the heavy loads may be from pedaling if your motor`s limit is reached.




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