How to correctly mount disc in ps5

How to correctly insert game disc in PS5

In our previous article on PS5 specs features and where to buy, we discussed so many attributes featured in PS5 consoles. Here I would like to discuss How to correctly mount disc in ps5 without causing any damage to the console or the disc itself.

The cool PS5 console works a little different from the PS3 and PS3 as far as disc is concerned.  Many gamers have had rough time figuring out how to fit the disc and sometimes have ruined them. Here is how you can insert the PS5 game disc without ruining you disc or PS5 console.  In this article, we will show you how to correctly insert disc in PS5 disc slot. This does not apply to the PS5 digital editions since it misses the optical disc slot present in PS5 console

The reasoning is quite simple. Let’s say how would you place your console in a horizontal position? This way, isn’t it?


How would you now insert your precious disc? This way, is it not?

<<< hori insert>>>>How to correctly mount disc in ps5

Now let’s have your prized console in an vertical position. So, in a vertical position your game disc should be inserted as shown below.

How to correctly mount disc in ps5

How to correctly mount disc in ps5

Game discs are costly and any damage could make your experience not as pleasant as you hoped for. It is therefore, prudent that you learn how to insert the disc correctly.

Now you know how to correctly mount disc in ps5.

To eject the disc, press the eject button.

PS5 reviews showed how awesome the gaming device is. Other than speed, there were so many remarkable features in PS5 that were missing in the PS4 console. Moreover, the company offered their esteemed customers and gamers two options. The first option was the PS5 console and the second option is the PS5 digital edition.

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