Best Products to Import from China to Kenya

Best products to import from China to Kenya

The best products to import from china to Kenya are many. China is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. They export almost everything in the world. In 2019, the country exported $ 2.5 trillion worth of goods. Kenya on the other hand report $ 1.3 billion in exports in 2020.  Here are the best products you can import from china cheaply and sell them in Kenya at an affordable price.


Kenya has a high population who the majority are youths. A significant number of youths finish high school each. For most of them, the first goal is to seek smartphones they could not afford or were not allowed to have in high school. The youths are crazy when it comes to smartphones. you can take advantage of this demand and supply the much-needed smartphones from the manufacturers. You can import them in bulk and sell them at an affordable price. This also goes for the phone accesses.

Used cars

Kenya has very few assembly lines for new cars.  Such assemblers include Kenya vehicle manufacturers, associated vehicle assemblers Ltd, DT Dobie, associated motors among others. However, the majority of the cars Kenya use today are second-hand since they are cheaper. The demand for cars from Asian countries is increasing each year. So you can consider importing cars. Purchasing such cars at wholesale prices and selling them at a retail price can make you a lot of money. Dean Japan is one of the many dealers you can work with.

Household items

There are many household items you can buy from china cheaply and sell in Kenya. Since the number of middle-class Kenyan is steadily increasing, household items are finding an ever-increasing market. Kitchen equipment and accessories are among those doing well. You can import cutlery, baking pan, dinner plates, kettles, meat thermometer, coffee makers, coffee mugs, cutting boards, toasters, blenders, water dispensers among others. Décor is also doing very well.  The kitchen items are doing particularly well in Kenyan market. Users have realized the benefits of touchless kitchen faucets are many. You can important bathmats, coasters, lamps, clocks, flower vases, bath towels, hand towels among others. The market for such items will always be there.

Used and new electronics

Since china`s economy is expanding alarmingly, the companies that are doing very well are electronics. Other than offering their products at very low prices, they also offer at a relatively high quality. You can get almost any electronic gadgets you need from china such as television sets, radios, subwoofers, speakers, electronic clocks, laptops, computer accessories, hard disk drives, computer monitors, mice, keyboards among others.

Alibaba and Chinabrands carry the day when it comes to drop-shipping companies.

The laptop market in Kenya is insatiable, more still, computer accessories are never enough for the growing online business. This category of product is in high demand in Kenya because many entrepreneurs are realizing the value of having their business online. The demand for computers and their access will continuously increase since the internet is becoming the center of almost everything production of goods to their marketing.

Furthermore, people are turning their homes into office extensions.  Other than business, computers are good for entertainment. In addition to computers, additional productions are also in high demand. Such products include scanners, printers, and tv boxes.


Items such as clothes, bags, shoes among others form the most profitable business in Kenya.  You can order items from china cheaply of high quality and sell them in Kenya. Most of the imported clothes are second. New clothes have a vast market. While the clothes sometimes run out of fashion, the good thing is that all of the clothes are not perishable so can be stored for a very long time with little effect on the business.

Fashion is a very fast-growing industry. Designs create new brands every day. Other than clothing materials, you can get many designer t-shirts at wholesale prices and sell at retail prices. You should, however, consider the quality and the prices before you buy.

Children toys

There are a variety of toys you can import from china to Kenya today. Toys business is a very profitable business in almost all countries since most populations have a high number of children of all ages. Children love toys and they break them very often. You can rest assured that the toy business will also do very well in Kenya.

There are many drop-shipping platforms you can use to import affordable toys.  Chinabrands is favored most by many importers. However, I would advise you to go for educative toys, most parents favor those. You should also not forget the interactive and multifunctional features.

Car electronics

China is also doing very well when it comes to car electronics. They are not only offering high-quality products affordably but also durable ones with high reliability. In the year 2019, the demand for cars rose to 85 million ( but decline significantly in 2020 due to pandemic).

Modern cars are electrical as opposed to the old mechanical ones. They are becoming wirelessly controlled. The electronics are multifunctional and are also used for visualization. So, car electronics are in high demand in Kenya. For any business-minded person, car electronics present a very lucrative business venture.

Car electronic products you should look for include; GPS trackers real-time locators, GPS  tracking software, Bluetooth wireless charger, mono amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, DVDA players, LCD screens, new fleet management GPS trackers among others.

Which is the cheapest mean of transport for china imported goods

The most affordable method you can use for goods imported from China is by sea. However, the sea might take a relatively long time compared to air or land. It can take up to 25 business to reach their destination. Land may not be applicable especially when you are in a different continent altogether. Furthermore, sea transport is only feasible for goods purchased in bulk or those that are heavy such are machinery or car.

Air is the most expensive method. However, it is faster than both the land and sea. You can use the DHL freight provider for light goods you import from china to Kenya. If you are importing products less than 450 kg, you can go for freight providers, it is relatively cheap. Now that we have look into the best products to import from china to Kenya lets take a look at some companies you can use for shipment.

Companies you can use to cheap from china to Kenya

Here is a list of companies you can use for import shipping to Kenya from china;

  1. China ocean shipping company (COSCO)
  2. Hapag Lloyd
  3. EMC(evergreen marine corporation)
  4. MSC
  5. CMA

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