Inclined Plane Gravity Clocks

Think you seen all the mechanical watches?

We have seen all manner of mechanical watches but there is one that stands out among them all; the inclined plane gravity clocks. The clock consists of an inclined acrylic plane. The inner mechanism and the faced are wittily balanced while the outer drum roll down the plane. The clock is designed to down the plane for a period of 7 full days. Once the week is over, you will need to lift the clock a place back at the top of the plane.

Inclined gravity clock

For most inclined plane gravity clocks, the first day of the week is Sunday. No winding is necessary once you place clock on the plane again. The drum has ridged edges so that the   movement can be sufficiently cased. The drum is preferably made of solid brass.  As for the inclined plane, many designs favor a rosewood material.

You might be wondering how it works. Well, the drum is driven a significantly large counterweight. This counterweight is precisely regulated by a lever platform escapement. The gorgeous face of the clock has roman numerals most of the time. However, designers can

You mistakenly think that the clock comes at prohibitively high prices. Surprisingly, with as little as a $ 100, you can get yourself one.

The manufacturer

The inclined plane gravity clocks are a native the United Kingdom. The manufacturer us the Dent. This type of clocks was quite common in the 17th century. Engineers then could only tap the naturally existing power such as gravity.

Of course, this type of clocks is bought for either home or office uses. It is a quite reliable clock and it tells accurately. However, for this to happen the clock has to be set accurately at the first day of the week.

Advantage and disadvantages

The disadvantage is that it has to placed on a stationary place the whole week otherwise you risk altering the time.  Additionally, it cannot be used in place such as aircraft, cars or ship where the vehicle shakes constantly.

The advantage, on the other hand, is that it does not require battery or any other source of life; gravity is just enough.

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