PS5 specs features and where to buy

PS specs and features 

We now are aware that PS5 is already in the market. The gaming device is equipped with indestructibly remarkable features.  For instance, the high-speed RAM. Let use discuss the PS5 specs features and where to buy one.

PS5 specs features and where to buy

PS5 console

Mark Cerny disclosed some basic details concerning PS5 specs early in June.  In an interview, Mark Cerny also said that consumers will be offered two options; the PS5 console and the PS5 digital edition.

However, you also now know about its physical appearance and its accessories. In this post, we shall look into those PS5 features in detail. What will be covered here include specs, accessories,  backward compatibility, SSD drive, and all the many games that are supported by PS5. Finally, we shall see what you can buy for yourself. Let us now into PS5 specs features and where to buy topic in details.

Specs that are confirmed

Ray tracing, GPU type,  and CPU  are the already known features for PS5.


The Multi-million company went for an AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine GPU. The company engineers chose RDNA-2 GPU intending to make performance higher than the previous versions could deliver. In addition to speed, the reliability and agility were improved as well.

SSD storage

PS5 uses SSD in contrast to earlier versions. The storage capacity of the device is 825 GB in form of SSD. It is common knowledge that SSD storage devices offer better performance than HDD. Consequently, the overheating problem is now reduced significantly.

PS5 console and PS5 digital

Two versions are now available in the market, the first option is the PS5 console, and the second option ps5 digital edition. In addition to everything that the PS5 digital edition has, the PS5 console has an optical drive. Check here on how to correctly mount the disc in PS5.

Storage expansion using NVME

Expandable storage is the other feature that makes PS5 standout. Other than SSD storage PS5 owners will have the privilege of expanding their storage using an NVME drive.

Backward compatibility

The PS5`S design was partly based on the PS4 architecture and therefore it supports backward compatibility.

Maybe they will be a need for testing using games to verify. However, as of now, 100 of the most played video games are already working on a PS5.

Configuration flexibility

Configuration flexibility is what enables gamers to use either multiple or single-player settings. A good example his ability to remove or delete multiple player campaigns without deleting a single-player campaign or vise versa.

Smaller game space in the storage

SSD offers faster data retrieval using high-speed rams. There is no need for developers to duplicate data since the ram and SSD have them covered. This means the developers will not have to make games that require large storage space.

Cloud functionality

PS5 supports Cloud functionality. Sony representative told wired that they are the pioneers of cloud gaming. Their vision should be clear as Time goes by.


Compared to PS4 and PS3, the latest PS5 console has accessories that are far better. PS5 has a charging station for its wireless controllers. Both console and digital edition have high-definition cameras that are equipped with 1080P lenses, a Media remote, and a 3D wireless headset.

PS5 prices

PS5 was sold yesterday. It have been stressful for gamers and parents as they try to have a next-gen console in their hands. Here is how you can secure yourself a PS5 easily.

Two versions of PS5 are on the market. There is a $400 digital-only model and the PS5 console version. The difference between the two is that the console has an ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive. An optical drive is used by a Blu-ray game disc.

Those using PS4 the console edition also enjoy videos. Here is how to buy a PS5 console or digital edition. PS5 bundles are restocked periodically and are quite pricey.

The First brand sells for $500.  This is the console bundle. With its accessories, the second model sells for $ 690.  This is a PS5 digital bundle only.

The Walmart website was frozen because a lot of people were trying to purchase as the product is released periodically. Just like Walmart, Best Buy is also releasing its units periodically however there are more items at Best Buy on launch day compared to Walmart.

November 27 is around the corner it will give buyers a new opportunity to score a PS5 there are ants all over from Best buy about Black Friday and PS5 will be available on the 30 days in a bear market. GameStop is another retailer that is offering PS5 on Black Friday but one has to buy any person.

Quiet performance

PS5 console and PS4 digital have been designed to ensure that it performs quietly without overheating and also to use a very small space in the room. PS5 has been designed to be placed in a vertical position or a horizontal position.  However, it appears more appealing when it is in the vertical position the device has been designed using futuristic as their ticks and many people have got mixed feeling about it.

Among its attractive features is the AMD Ryzen Zen 8  core 16 threads at 3.5 GHz frequency. Its RAM speed 5.5 GHz/s meaning more than 4.5 GB of data can be loaded in less than a second theoretical. The device is also capable of supporting expandable storage such as NVME drive or SSD and perhaps HDD.

What is more appealing is that the device has backward compatibility with the PS4 games since its texture is partly based on PS4. However, where is the performance difference between the two where PS5 outperforms PS4 by far.

What is not known about PS5

We cannot be  done with PS5 specs features and where to buy topic before we look into what is unknown. It is not known whether backward compatibility of PS5 god build PS4. No one knows whether-remastered by emulation-means it is a method of up scaling PS5 features or removing textures from other games with the new ones.

It is also not known where the PS4 library we’re updating to the PS5 version or whether it will remain unchanged. PlayStation 5 company has not yet confirmed whether there will be voice control features aurora whether the Media remote access only can support it


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