How CRT tv works

You have seen how bulky and heavy old TVs or computer monitors were several years ago. You may even have one in your artic. However, today things are very different, you tv or computer monitor is a lot thinner and even be stuck on the wall. In the history of Tv, CRT tv took a …

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How LED tv displays work

WHAT IS LED Before we look into how LED tv displays work, let us first define what LED means. LED stands for light-emitting diodes. Diodes are passive electrical components. They were primarily created to control the direction in which current flows; they allow current to flow in one direction while preventing it to flow in …

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Screen Door Effect

Screen door effect You may have noticed that giving an image a closer look makes you seek the visible gaps between the pixel on an electronic screen or a projector screen. This problem takes place because the spaces between the pixels are backlit but are not lit. It is called the screen door effect (SDE). …

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